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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yum o

I have been so busy this holiday season. I hope everyone has had a very Merry Christmas!! This is what I made for my family on this cold winter morning. Cinnamon roll cake, recipe tweaked by me, but adapted from Jamie Cooks It Up! Next week will be full of changes. I plan on having a separate blog for everything other than kuppy kakes.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Betty has been diagnosed.
I have been refferred to the ENT, because it is a stone in my salivatory glands. Like a kidney stone, only in my throat. I used to get kidney stones all fo the time, then I changed my diet and none since, now I am getting them in my throat?! Argh. So, I have an appointment Thursday for a consult so they can go in and surgically remove it. I know it's a small procedure, but still scary.

Betty lost.

I won.

That's all that matters! ;)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Meeting Betty!

OH JOY! (can you already hear the sarcasm?!) I have a new friend, her name is "Betty".

Although, I wouldn't call her a friend....

More like an enemy.

She has been here for about a week now and I have been so delighted to have her.

OK. I am done pretending.

Betty and I have such a horrid relationship, she keeps coming around, getting fatter off of my food. And to top it off, she hurts me, and then won't go away. I have tried to give her meds and pills to make her go away, no such luck. I have tried to go talk to someone to make her go away, she is still here.

Well, last night, last night was the last straw. You see, I take a cute little sleeping pill that helps me sleep, dur. And I was awoken at 2 am by Betty. She wasn't having the whole sleep thing, she wanted to be up and moving and getting fatter and just a real pain in the neck! {Literally}

I told her, I am going to win this and popped another pain pill....
{i'm SO not a junkie, I actually loathe taking anything but ibuprofen, but Betty is cruel and unusual punishment for my nerves}

An hour went by, still awake and still in pain. {Have I ever mentioned that I have an abnormally large resistance to pain meds? True Story.}
So I get back to sleep, and when I woke up this morning, she had done it. I couldn't swallow! (ok so it HURT to swallow--sheesh)
What did she do to me?!?! Did she poison me in my sleep!?

Nope, she got fatter. So, to tally it up, she's fat and i'm the unhappy one.

I just realized that I sound like I have Multiple Personality Disorder. haha. Not true. Can you prove it?!

I still managed to eat a cupcake, as painful as it was.

Doc said she shouldn't be getting fatter, she should be going away and bothering someone else. Yet, she isn't. AT. ALL.

So, now I have to take 2,000 mg of amoxicillin and another antibiotic I cant spell, plus a pain pill. Thank you so much Betty. And on Monday, if I can "make it" through till then WITHOUT visiting our crummy E.R., THEN the doc will do an ultrasound. Please pray Betty is gone by then, or smaller and less painful, and hope it isn't something bad.

Betty dear.... I bid you adue!

P.S. Betty is a female bc im a female, and also, she is a lump that started out the size of a pea under my chin, and has grown to the size of an avocado core and is now hovering under my jaw line and over my lawbone a little. :(

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who wants clean cupcakes anyways?!

My dear friends, today is a day that I, Procrastinate. I am horrible at this. I find myslef writing random "to-do" lists in 18 different notebooks, that I manage to "scratch" out 3 things from.



Maybe it was all of the mexican and cookies I inhaled tasted last night at my cookie swap. You know, the gossip social committee.

Maybe I can accomplish at least laundry. Although to be honest, no one needs clean clothes, do we? We just like them. It isnt a necessity, right?

Besides, I'm good.

I have NO laundry of my own in there, maybe the hubbs will do it.
Than again, maybe there will be world peace and everyone will become rich.

And to answer your question, yes, my random babblings are back. :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

I quit!

I QUIT! True story. ;)

So, about 2 weeks ago, I quit my job! I am super stoked! Now I have more time to blog, clean, bake, clean, do laundry, did I mention Clean?!

This is fab-o!
Now, the funny thing is, my daughter is going to be home earlier in the day too.

Which means, I also have to do all of the above, in a 3 hour time limit. HAHAHA! SO. Lots to bore catch you up with.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

To inifinity, and beyond!

Hello dolls and gents!
Today is my precious, courageous, brave, over dramatic, genius, kind, and hot tempered son's 6th birthday!!!
So, how did we celebrate?
First off, we went to the zoo. (Pics to come later, left my camera at home, and had to use a disposable AND my cell phone)

But, sad faces on, so many of the participants couldn't make it.
It saddend me so.
Hospitalizations (friends & family)
Out of Town

NOT a good weekend to do a birthday party! LOL
BUT it was still GREAT!
We got to see Baby Po (panda @ the zoo, yes named after the kung fu panda Po)
And a baby giraffe, a gorgeous red panda, lemurs, otters, flamingos, mambas, pythons, gorillas, parakeet city, and much much more!
We enjoyed it, and he did tell me, "this is the best place to go for a birthday!"

On to the party. Theme: Toy Story 3 (6 in this case ;) )
The cake: chocolate and vanilla with an almond buttercream
The cupcakes: (big boys choice, of course- S'mores with green frosting)
The gifts: AWESOME!
Sad that out of EVERYONE who was invited, only my sister in law and famiyl came, and a friend of Cohens.

Now, Frosting For The Cure.
When I had seen Paula's site for this project, I HAD to join. My Nana was taken from us by Ovarian Cancer, and I know a very beautiful and brave woman, Marissa, who is battling Brain Cancer at such a young age. :(

I hope you guys enjoy my story, and enjoy my cupcakes!
Love and Kuppies!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Frosting For The Cause- Baking A Difference

So, today I finished my "Frosting For The Cause" post. It was an emotional post for me. Paula, the amazing woman in charge, has started this project to help raise awareness and raise money for Women's Cancers. When it is ready I will link up to it, it will be on the website August 20th. I hope you guys enjoy, adn please feel free to volunteer some time adn some baked goods for the cause as well! :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Witty Bantor and My Quest

Hello bloggy lovers!

Today's post is brought to you by, Witty BFF aka my jacob, Nick Witcher!!!
Ok, so I am getting itchy AND antsy. And I am itching to do something! Something with cupcakes, cookies, and my new collection.

I am working on a new collection: My Savory Collection
Or as BFF would call it the "WTF!? Who would eat THAT?!" Collection. Got to love him!

So, what would be a savory and sweet flavor you could/want to eat in cupcake form?
On the list: Chicken -n- Waffles, and Bacon Maple... And then I am stuck.

Also, I'm working on my new "Quest"... Like I said before, I am getting antsy aand itchy. And this is where my mind takes me on a journey through complete randomocity. I am thinking about doing a different cupcake or cookie either every day or every other day. Let's be honest, I am not sure if I would have enough time to do one EVERY day. I would LOVE to, but not. going. to. happen. Kapeesh?! :)
And also, what if I based it off of random made up tv foods, like on iCarly, spaghetti tacos?! LOL... Something to that effect.

Throw me a life preserve of ideas! Ready.


Are you still there?!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Frustration & Cakes

Witht hat being said, here is the 2 cakes I did this past weekend.
Monkey Smash Cake

Mickey Mouse clubhouse cake

For those of you in the baking world like me, you know that it is costly and time consuming to do these things. Correct?
I am very frustrated. Why? Because I made these two cakes, charged $100.00 for both (which by the way it costs me $70 out of pocket before hand, not including labor). So, I think $30 for 2 cakes labor wise was damn practical. I felt bad because I do not like to charge that much money for htings liek this.... I think it is too much. But I asked around and asked fellow bakers and they would charge way more than that. So there is my rant and rave. I wish that I would have some kind of feedback from the people who bough them, or a reply saying they hated it, or something. Something is better than nothing.

I'm done.
Back with a non-ranting and raving post later! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

@%*#! Pirate Post and Handler Moments

I was reading a post from another blog that I adore! And I have come to the conclusion that we are all pirates every now and then, right?!

I. LOVE. THESE. cookies that she has made with random cursey words that aren't pirate perfect. She named her icing @%*#! Icing, or close to that, it is whatever word you say in your head. ;)
They are f-bomb adorable! I often curse at my icing too, it's one of those things. You just have to be there to understand. My 5 year old is helping me learn alternatives from SpongeBob, like-- "Oh barnacles!" - OR Ahh shneeky doo-- NO CLUE. And his favorite--which I loathe- "aww fart nugget?!" REALLY?! WTF is a fart nugget?! gross. LOL

So, what are your favorite pirate words?!
Also, thanks to Chelsea Handler, I'm loving the "shidoobee".
Her shidoobee cracks me up and I often have "Handler Moments". Those rock too. You should all have "Handler Moments".
Classic HM today: As I was typing this, my mother, who might also be known as The Nana, came into my office to show me ANOTHER frosting tip chewed up by my @%*#$! wonderful great danes!

Really guys?!
This is the second tip in 2 days!
@%*#! Your father for feeding you left over frosting from a piping bag, which is now causing you to attack random tips, for the @%*#! of it.
This post is fun!
OK. IM DONE. Off to the @%*#! Pool to float. :)
Enjoy your day! I am!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Where does Bacon come from?"

A funny thing happened while at the Wally World. Yes, I go to walmart a lot. My son, who is about to be 6, had asked me:
"Where does Bacon come from? and ground beef?"
So, I looked him in the eye, {and being the realist that I am}, I said :"Cows and Pigs".
"Oh. Ok. And bread, does that come from cow?"
"No, that comes from flour and wheat and things from the earth"
"Oh. Ok."
"When I say Pigs and cows, do you understand?"
"Kind of."
This is the part where I am uber-brutally honest, but again, I am a realist and wouldn't lie to my children.
"Do you know Porky at the farm animal exhibit?"
"THAT is bacon."
" :-O "
"Do you know all of the cows we walk around with in the pasture at the farm?"
"THAT ia ground beef"
" :-O "
And to myself I thought, we are on our way to being vegan!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Inspektor KupKake...

I have such a wonderful husband. With that said, my kuppy kake world is an 1/8 crushed due to him. But, I keep telling myself: "I have such a wonderful husband." Working hard yesterday, while hubs had the day off, Lucky. I noticed how quiet it was in the hizzy. So cool that my kids are being so quiet fo rme to work. Well come to find out, they weren't even here.

When I happened to look up and out of the corner of my eye. I saw my drama queen sweet little roo (Ky) dryign my wheels with a rag. I had to double-take. But yes, she was drying my wheels with a rag. Look at my car!!! It was so shiny and purty!

Never saw my car drive back and forth from my driveway to the main street. Oblivious much. BUT. I did notice ONE THING. And I had temporarily forgotten about it, until hubs had said soemthign about 45 min ago.
My back hatch was missing the very couture piece of luxury it had owned.

MY KUPPY KAKES BY KRISTIN MAGNET. What the @#!!*&$%^!!! Where did my beauty go!? I figured that my husband, whom I love very much (reminding myself to keep the heart rate down), had removed it to clean the car underneath it. It gets dirty out hur in the country. ;)

But then today! He called me to say: "Did you take the magnet off of the car?" Why "NO, I didn't. Maybe YOU did, to clean it." "IT wasn't there when I arrived at the car wash." Im thinking, my fat fanny it wasn't. He said, "maybe someone took it." "Why would someone, anyone, not named Kristin take my magnet!" He said: Like a man, "I dunno." URGH!

How odd, the timing of it all, and he cut his own throat by saying (at the beginning of my new car relatiosnhip) "You are not putting those magnets on this car!" Guess he had the last word.

Or does he? I have an even BIGGER magnet that I am going to put on it, and when he arrives home from out of town, we will se who has the last laugh. ;) bahahaha!

Easter 2011

Yes, you read that right, Easter. But wasn't it? Yeah, it was. But I just NOW got my camera unloaded and here I go down the list of pictures and posts. I asked if you were ready. :)

Well Easter was a time for bunny cakes, candy filled eggs, ham, potato salad, dresses and egg hunts. Well. Our Easter was supposed to be like all the others. Wake up, go to church, head to grandmothers house, lunch, egg hunt, home. Not this year. At THE last minute, and I mean the LAST minute. I was informed by my lovely cousin that guess what?! No Easter at gma's this year. WAIT?! WHAT?! She then promptly text me and said: "No food, nothing,what are we all going to do? Stand around and STARE at one another!?"

How sad. I know my gma is getting older and its getting harder for her, which in understandable. But I could've thrown in some eggs and a dessert and a side. But she just didn't want all of the noise. I love her so very much, if it weren't for her, I probably would have no care for baking. GASP! But to be honest, she is becoming more and more forgetful. Her mother had alhezheimers, so I wouldn't discount that, that is what's happening. Anyways.

OK. Plan B. Wait, what is Plan B? We have never had a plan b. I don't even know where to begin. Yes, I do. CHURCH! So, we headed to church on a Saturday night and if I were an emotional person, I would have balled my eyes out like a baby. NOT saying I did, because I didn't, just saying to say, ya know? That was my 3 year old, oh wait she was in the daycare area.... hmm.

Then on Easter Sunday, headed back to church to work the children's ministries. Well it dawned at me as we were leaving church. What is for lunch? Well I know what wasn't for lunch. Ham. Deviled eggs. Potato Salad. Yeast Rolls. Green Beans. Apple rings. Spaghetti and Cheese! Man, im getting hungry. you?

At the wally world, I called hubby. Yo hubby! Whats say we throw together an Easter dinner and invite anyone who isn't already taken? OK! He said, your crazy, too last minute, but I would like a ham. HA.

So, that is what we did. I called my family members who were close by, invited them over and cooked my bunny tail off. And here are the pictures to show! :) Sorry about my long story, I try to be humorous, but it isn't working today. Enjoy the pictures. Oh, quick tragic story. Do you know those little chicks that chirp non stop while they are in your hand? Yeah, me and my sister had one when we were younger, dad got tired of them, and tossed them out the window! So, my kids had those is their buckets, and yeah, let's just say that they are now chew toys of the dogs! ;) Thanks dad for the heads up about parenting.

P.S. Please ignore the dirty kids, I was cooking, can't do it all! ;)
P.S.S. Also, the rabid looking monsters in pjs, those are mine. We just woke up, what can I say. :)

HA! No easter bunnies here, aliens. That's how we roll.

She loves her Uncle Noodle!

My handsome little brother!


This is your warning!
I am about to unload my camera and flood ya'll with pictures and stories!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Early Cook out cupcakes!

Hello gorgeous.
Have we met?

Ahh, I see.

Well, you look familiar, but i'm not sure why.

Is THAT why? Hmm, how nice of you to remember.

Well I do apologize for that awkward moment....

I'm forgiven? Your too kind...


Between working, and making cupcakes, and life in general..... My blog life suffers the most. Poor little blog. Hate it that it is so lonely. But hey, if I could just win the lottery, or stumble upon a couple hundred thousand dollars, I'd be OK. :)

Memorial Day is around the corner, and we decided to have an early cook out with friends and family. Bad part, all the friends, but 2 ditched, and no family. YAY! For cookouts! <-- note the sarcasm? So, tough luck to them. I made 22 hamburgers for 8 people, haha, 16 hot dogs, and a ton of sides..... I'm thinking I know what's for dinner for the week! Our pool opened yesterday. Which rocks. Even the awesome sunburn I got, and the dry skin and straw-like hair, all of these beauty secrets you recevie by diving into a body of chlorinated water. And whatever else might be in the water mind you.

On to the cupcakes. Cook out themed, my favorite flavor: White Chocolate Raspberry. They are so delicious, I will post a recipe soon. And by soon, please DO NOT hold your breath. Because with my blogging luck, it will be another month before I get it on here, and I can't get you help from over here! :)

Please don't be jealous of my highly couture manicure styling. :D

Now I have that song stuck in my head.
YES! That one!
GO MEAT! <-- THAT one... grrr. dang grillers and their catchy grilling tunes.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lemon-Lime-Ita cupcakes!!

OK guys!
I know, it's about time right? I have missed you all, and I have a new cupcake flavor to show you! It is my "Lemon-Lime-Ita" cupcakes. Get it? Like margar-ita, but not! ;) Anywhoodles.... Do me a favor, DO NOT JUDGE the look. They look AWFUL, I could do better, but I was trying something new and didn't have all of the right "equipment" and all for these. But, do trust me when I say, THEY TASTE AMAZING! I will do something I have never done before and I will give you the recipe. So, I hope you enjoy! Next time I make these, it will be a simple round "blob" of icing (sounds appealing, I know) and maybe a slice of lemon or lime and a cute little paper umbrella!

Lime Cupcakes
(Adapted from My Cake School Blog) **I did change the recipe to my pallet, but the original is great too!
2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
2 cups granulated sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 large eggs
1 1/2 sticks of (12 tablespoons) unsalted butter, softened
3/4 cup fresh or bottled lime juice
3/4 cup sour cream
zest of 1 lime

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

In a separate bowl put the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Whisk until blended.

In your mixing bowl beat the softened butter, add the sugar and beat until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time beating after each egg. Add flour alternately with the lime juice. Add sour cream and lime zest and mix until blended.

Divide batter into two 8″ cake pans and bake for 30 minutes or until a tooth pick comes out clean. Or it is enough to fill 37 cupcakes :)

Cool for 5 minutes and turn cakes out.

Lemon Lime Buttercream Frosting

2 pounds confectioners sugar
2 sticks unsalted butter, softened
1/4 cup heavy cream or milk
1 1/2 teaspoons lemon extract *I used 2 tablespoons
1 1/2 teaspoons lime juice * I used 1 tablespoon
zest of 1 lime

Beat the softened butter and add the confectioners sugar gradually with the milk and flavorings . Add lime zest and blend. Beat 6 to 8 minutes until light and fluffy.

Add a bit more cream if the consistency is thicker than you like. Also, you can adjust the lemon and lime flavor to suit your taste.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Winner, Winner! Chicken Dinner!

OK Bloggy buddies! My baby girl is in the running for July's Issue of our local magazine. The Villa Rica News and Views, has her in there as number 8, number 10 on facebook! Please go and vote for my love!!!
To do it online: If you want to see the picture click here, and scroll over to page 22-23, she is number 8. Then simply email: "PHOTO 8" to vote@villaricanews.net!!
Facebook option: Go here and click "Like" on number 10!!! Thank you all so much for those of you who vote!!!

P.S. I finally got my part time position at work, so more baking to come!!
P.S.S. I miss all of you! And an update: I entered into Cupcake Wars challenge, and they emaile dme back saying that castng was already closed for this season. :( OH well, there's always NEXT season!

Friday, April 8, 2011


I am not sure if frustration can manifest in such a way that you literally explode. Now, I felt like this was going to happen, but it indeed did not. Work was so frustrating to me, kept getting hung up on and yelled at, there was one gentleman who brightened my day. He was so kind and so personable, Thank You Mr. Stu Iselin. He wrote a short story about a terrible thing that happened to him and maybe soon I will share it. Of course with his consent.

Now, I do not know what was said to make so many people angry, but they were and they were taking it out on me. Anywho, im done venting about work. Wait, no i'm not, haha. I requested a PT position so that I can have time to do my other job, you know the job you haven't heard anythign about in forever, yes that job.... what is it, you forgot?!?! Its ok, me too, its cupcakes! :) Your welcome for the reminder.

But I just got my new schedule and it is FT again, yikes. I need to bake, if I don't do something messy adn creative soon, I will burst. No lie.
Well my hubbys birthday was yesterday, but baking his oh so delicious pound cake wasn't enough to quench my thirst. Although it was delicious, and I will post a pic soon and maybe the recipe, if your kind. ;)

Oh well, tomorrow we wil be headed to Underground Atlanta and The World of Coca-Cola, this will be fun. I will take lots of pictures and post them soon. P.S. Sara-- I have not forgotten about the cupcake wars... my mind is so set on it. :)

With love & cupcakes!

Monday, March 21, 2011

She works hard for her money.....

Hey ya'll!
Man, I have been super swamped with work! I did nto realize how much time this would actually take out of my week. My brain is going nuts. No baking, no going out for lunch, no trips with my girl, no lunch at school with my son, grocery shopping on saturday and so much more. I keep asking myself, "Why did you go and get a job anyways!?" hahah.

Oh well, when I have all of this money saved up and can purchase my own bakery, THEN I will know why I got a job. :)

Perks: It is at home, so no commute, no traffic, eat lunch at home with my girl, and can still be home to at least be near her. Oh and I can be home for when my son gets off of the bus, and when I get off work, I can go straight to family/dinner time instead of traffic for 2 hours! So, I guess I can't complain too bad.

:) I hope to bake something REALLY soon. I have a few orders coming up, so I will post pics. Making cupcakes and cookies for sweet Marissa's walk for brain cancer (she was my twin sisters roomie in college and she is too adorable! check out her blog HERE its heart breaking, read from day one). Also making osme "Groovy" cupcakes for Pink and her crew, an Easter assortment, birthday for my hubby, and baby shower cookies! whew! Lord help me stop time! ;)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Choreo's- Mmm Mmm Good!

Hey Ya'll!




Who would, who could, do something like that?!

You know EXACTLY what I am talking about, pretend you don't, OK. I'll play.

Here it is, since you wanna play like you don't know what it is:

Now, I know what you're thinking: "What is that?!"
This is the super rich thing, that you don't know that I know, that you already know what it is, in the raw. Did ya get that?!

These are what I like to call: CHOREOS!!

Now, after these have cooked, here is what they look like...

I know your dying for me to cut one open and eat it show you, aren't you?! ;) I knew you were.

It's quite a sight to see isn't it?

And this is how you do it...

Take an Oreo cookie, I prefer mine double stuffed, but regular works too.
Then take a ball of chocolate chip cookie dough and flatten it and wrap it around the cookie. (I forgot to take pics of this process)

Once, completed, bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. Let cool for about 15 minutes, then enjoy! And I do mean, enjoy.
They go great with an ice cold glass of milk, mmm... there goes my diet! They are super rich, I can only eat 1/2 of one at a time.

Mine made approx 4. But it would have made more, had my dearest mother not eaten half the dough secretly... Leaving me to find the half empty container as I go to make these. Thanks mom, you're a gem!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- The In Crowd

The "In Crowd". :)
P.S. The big green elephant, totally blocking a shot of "ABC" food :)

Aww... Snap! Tom Cruise ain't got nothin on B! ;)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Black and White Wednesdays

the long road

Yummy Slice O'Cake

My sweetness in the tree with the moon...

My amazing family!

My sweet girl patiently waiting for her bowling ball.

Our Great Great Danes playing in the floor.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

S'mores Pops "How To"

These were SUPER easy and SUPER cute and they got 2 thumbs up from my 3 testers. :)

All you will need is:

1 Box of Honey Graham Crackers
1 Bag of Heart Shaped Jet-Puffed Marshmallows (I found mine at Wal-Mart, if youc an't find any, minis will do)
1 Package of Lollipop Sticks
2 Bags of chocolate candy melts

First, break your graham crackers in half to create 2 squares...
Then take 2 heart-mallows and lay them on the cracker on opposite tips on the cracker.
Go ahead and melt your candy melts as directed on bag. Take a lollipop stick and dip it in the candy melts and lay down in the center of a graham cracker, in between the marshmallows.

Once you have dipped your sticks and placed them on the desired amount of crackers, let dry for a few minutes. Once dry, place them, 4 at a time on a wire rack and ladel melted candy melts over them until covered... give them a little shimmy to rid of excess chocolate and then add sprinkles.
Place them on parchment paper until completely hardened and dried.

Once dried, remove from parchment and put into cellophane bags and tie with decorative ribbon!


So much to do, so little time....

Hey ya'll!!! I love saying that. It has been crazy hectic since the last time I posted. The fundraiser I was helping to create and put on was a huge success and it was a complete blast! Our goal was $2,500.00 and we raised $4,700.00!!! I sold over 200 cupcakes and gave out A LOT of business cards. Sad thing, I was soooooo busy organizing and running around that whole day (I wasn't even at my table longer than 5 minutes at a time) that I didn't get any pictures. Well 1. That is the lonliest number. Here is a pic of my table... It is super tiny b/c I took it with my phone. :(

Oh wait, I do have one of my sexy hubby I stole from my stepmoms facebook. She took this at the fundraiser's charity softball game. :)
And of course the NEXT day was Valentines Day!!!
How was everyone's Valentines Day?
Here is how mine went: FANTASTIC!
Get ready for the long lovely story.
Hubby had to go to work on Valentine's Day, but of course he did call me and tell me Happy Valentine's Day after I fussed at him told him. ;)
Well skip to the good stuff. A few hours later I was sitting in my car jamming out enjoying the beautiful weather, when he calls me.
Hubs: Hey, what are you doing?
Me: I am sitting in the car rider pick up line at b's school.... why?
Hubs: just making sure your there (p.s. he always makes sure im there to pick him up, for some reason he seems to think that I will forget the child I gave birth to, even though I do this EVERY SINGLE DAY)
ME: yes, I am here, not going to leave him at school
Hubs: ok, well I got to get back to work, love
Me: Love you.
So, then the radio went back up to its loud volume and then.... NO LIE, 1.4 MINUTES LATER... I am looking out and beyond the sea of cars and low and behold- "Is that my husband?!" And sure enough, here he comes in his big ol' work van barelling over the hill. (Instant smile across my face)
Now keep in mind, this is only a little 2 lane back road... So, he pulls up beside my car, puts it in park. And with the most cheesiest adorable smile on his face hops out of his car, while it is still in the middle of the road, and pulls out a dozen red roses! Walks over to my car, hands them to me, says Happy Valentine's Day and kisses me. :D Then scampers off into his car and speeds away.
Ok. I think to myself "what just happened & how many people saw that?!" LOL. But it was so sweet!!!! So, I go back to jamming out like nothing happened, im cool like that, and pick up my son. Well, I pull into one side of the 2 laned car rider pick up, and the 5 following cars that had seen this whole mushy thing unfold behind me, pull up beside me in the other lane with the same cheesy adorable smiles. Like as to say "awww I saw that, how sweet."

So, my darling son gets into the car and we are off to pick up my neighbors little girl. On the way to pick her up, I am still trying to hold back the sappy love tears from the event that had just taken place, when I pull up to her daycare.... And there is my husband, in the parking lot (which faces the main street) standing in front of his work van with the same cheesy smile (there must have been something in that Dr. Pepper!), holding a heart shaped box of chocolates in front of him, waiting for me. GAH! At this point he is KILLING ME! He is never this sappy and lovey dovey with his endeavors.

I walk in and pick up our darling cosette, and he drives away, after multiple kisses and hugs.... OH! And while I was inside picking her up, he gives my mom (she was with me) a dozen light pink roses and chocolate too!!! (Which if you knew him and her, this was hell freezing over).

Now, I have 2 dozen roses, 2 boxes of chocolate, 1 tearful mother, 1 in awe self, and 3 noisy kids in my car at this point. I pull up in the driveway and of course have to jump out and hug and kiss on him. WHEW...

Oh but it wasn't over. :)

Later on, I wanted to give him his gift, but he refused and told me he wanted to wait until the kids got theirs. But then, he sneaks a Jareds box into the kitchen and gives it to me! URGH! So sneaky. I open it and it is 2 dark blue charms with white flowers on them for my Pandora bracelet.

He assures me we are done. So, I settle in and start to make some dinner. (For the kids, mommy & daddy were going out.) Right before the kids dug into their plates, hubbs makes them stop and wait and open their Valentines gifts. And of course.... BAM! 2 more little boxes from Jared! I'm so spoiled. One was a frog charm for my boy and a ladybug charm for my girl. :) But of course, those were from my "kids".

We left to go eat at the japanese steakhouse, and enjoyed our night together. Ahh... I usually do not like Valentine's Day.... Maybe it's because the past few were HORRIBLE. :)
But, my kids and I did make chocolate dipped strawberries, YUM.

I am also adding some pics of random valentines day stuff....
Like pics of my sons class Valentines I made, S'mores Pops and Cards.
(S'mores Pops "How to" post to follow)

Valentines cupcakes for b's class
My "Red Hottie" cupcakes for b's class too...
Close up of S'mores Pop
B's Valentines for class :)