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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hey guys, Its Surfin' Saturdays over at Chubby Cheeks Thinks!!! I just adore this blog, this lady is just wonderful, and her kids are so adorable! Get in on the fun!

On another bloggy note, today in Georgia, the heat index is going to be 110. OK, suffocatingly miserably HOT.

'Dear Fall, if your listening.... Please grace us with your presence ASAP. I need red, orange, & gold leaves falling, cooler temperatures, hoodies, apple cider, crisp mornings, pumpkins, cinnamon, Everything about YOU is beautiful!!!!
 Sincerely yours, Kristin'

Friday, July 23, 2010

$ Carnival fun!

$ Last night, me and the hubs, took our kids to the little carnival out here. Well first let me say, little wasn't the word. There were literally 10 ride, maybe, and a couple were already broken. The games were a smidge immature (inflatable pool filled with a running hose with ducks floating and you take a net and fish one out) WIN. $3.00 for that?!?! I can do that at home for free. Any who. My kids enjoyed themselves and that is really what matters. Miss ladybug decided that she did not want to ride a thing, 'B' on the other hand, wanted to ride everything!

  Which he did, well the kiddie ones anyways, a couple of times. He rode a few kiddie rides, and I was going to ride the mini coaster with him, but it broke as soon as we walked up. They had a cute little spinning dragon ride he wanted to try, but after watching it, he decided not to get "dizzy" on that one! We walked around and kind of got into the enviroment, when it hit us, we NEED a funnel cake! YUM. Nothing says carnival food like Funnel Cakes!

  So, hubs went to grab us one to split and a drink, boy was it hot, I think 97 degrees. UGH. Turned around and there he was, no funnel cake, no coke. "Ummm, where is our plate of 'greasy sugary heaen' baby doll?" Hubs- "HA, I am NOT paying $5 for a funnel cake the size of a moon pie, and I am NOT paying $5 for a drink I can purchase for $.49 at the QT". LOL. Ladybug decided to ride ONE ride, no problem, at least she was riding something.

  It was a fish themed ride where you got into a fish car and spun in a circle moving up and down. She loved this ride! She rode it 3x. After that, she was dizzy and they were sweating like crazy! :) So at this point, the 'rents had had enough fun, and off daddy went to pawn off our leftover tickets on some poor family! :) So, me and the kiddos went to the car and hubs went back into the carnival, and returned with cotton candy and a candy apple!!! Cotton candy is my favorite, thanks baby! Candy apples, not so much. :)

   Then off it was to the local Iron Horse BBQ (DELICIOUS!) and we had a nice quiet, cold, family dinner. Remind me to never go there so close to closing time. The Brunswick stew was cold, got a new "hot & watery" one and the fries were frigid, kitchens closed, sorry. 25% off later, unsatisfied and grumpy. Man, this was supposed to be a fun post about the carnival, lol, nothing but griping, when did I get so old and un-kiddish with carnivals? Ah, well any who, the kids really did have fun, and I hate that we couldn't stay longer, but it was deathly hot. And they had rode the rides they wanted, multiple times, and they were too dizzy to continue on.

  Maybe when they are older and it is spring or fall, we can go to the Six Flags out here and get them on some real rides. That will be fun. I haven't been to the Six Flags out here for 15 years! hahaha. Isn't it funny how when you live somewhere for so long, you don't explore the state. Our newest neighbors have lived here 5 months and have been 3x with their kids! (3 and 15 months) My almost 5 year old and 2.5 year old have never been, poor neglected children. :) Well just returned home from working the concession at the church movie night. It was so much fun, more like sitting around chatting and eating, letting the kids play and watch a movie in the gym. Not so many people showed up, still fun!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

$ All Rolled In To One

WOW. Where have I been? This has been one helluva week for me! I haven't blogged for such a long time! OK, so you know the drill with me, its all random and rolled in together. First off, 500 Cookies was a lot to make and decorate in 3 days! Especially since it is just me and I literally have 1 cookie sheet! My thing is cupcakes, ya know? Secondly, we had a most slendifurous vacation bible school week!!! I adored it, I helped with the nightly snacks for all of the kids and just enjoyed the company of all the ladies. Such fun. Thirdly, DRAMA. I do not know how you can go through life avoiding it. Even when it feels like it is stalking you. OK, so now that you have had a clip of it, on to the stories.

500 Cookies:
This was not as much fun as it sounded, I spent multiple nights up til 5 am finishing these, ALONE. It was crazy, I was exhausted, mentally and physically. I kept telling myself over and over, "I am never doing this again". Finally, I came to realize, holy cow. Little ol' me just made 500 cookies and I survived!! Whew. At some points, I was having conversations with my animals, this is how exhausted I was. If I had to decorate or bake ONE MORE COOKIE, I was sure to lose it. But they turned out looking good, and tasting wonderful, oh about that. HA. My dumb butt completely screwed up the recipe for the first 9 batches! I left out an entire stick of butter out of each batch, and I added MORE sugar than normal (b/c I thought with all of that butter, it needed more sugar)..... But to my relief, they were PHENOM, better than the original recipe, so I tweaked it 2 more times, and there was my own recipe!!! The photos below, I tried to emboss some with a stamp, worked ok, then tried to use edible ink and a stamp on the icing. DID NOT WORK. So I free-handed them, sorry if they look sloppy! :)


vacation Bible School:
For those of you who hae never attended vbs, it is so much fun! Last year I helped in my sons class and loved it sooo much. But this year they did not need my help in his class, so I followed my mother, onto snack committee. This was harder than it sounded, having to get out (sometimes up to 70) plates out at a time and then having to re-do it within 3 minutes for the next crew, wow. But we got to snack on leftovers which was yum. Met some new people, and at the same time, helped out our church.


DRAMA. Yes, I have it in my life, more often than I would like. My "friend", whom I have been in huge arguments with over the past couple of months, has decided to try and speak to me at vbs. OK. If you know me, you know that I am not one to just quickly re-coop from nasty words. The first night I completely ignored her, yes I know childish, whatevs. The second night, I couldn't ignore her, we were stuck in the same hallway alone and I just had to. So, of course she was gracious and kind and spoke to me like we were friends, and my husband heeded a warning my way. He said: "Great, now she is going to think you two are best friends again, watch...." Me: "No she won't, she knows we are not on 'friend' speaking terms".... Dang if he wasn't right, yes I said it, HE WAS RIGHT. Next day, her 'husband' decided to join her, HA, what a show. And he looked at me and said "Hey Kristin", well I was carrying in 250 cookies and was about to drop them, so I ignored him. Teehee, shut up I know, I loathe him! Well, then he was in his daughters class at snack time and guess what?! I had to see him AGAIN. Well I was really busy with snacks and chatting and he continued to stare at me and kept looking at me. I mean STARED at me, like all stalkerish (even my new found friend Melea asked me if I knew him b/c he was staring os much). So, I proceeded to walk my butt back to the kitchen and clean some trays. OK, boring, yes but hold on, its getting good. So, like my hubby warned, Christy text me that night and proceeded to chew me out about "what a mature christian woman to be so welcoming and how it is a hospital for sinners not a hotel for saints". OK, HOLD ON, HAHAHAHAHAHA. WOW. Do you realize that her husband told her about me ignoring him and she was upset?!?! :) :) Well, since you have now ticked me off, here goes. I told her "the last time I checked she was NOT GOD, and that I did not have to speak to her husband if I did not want to. The last time he text me he called me a "self-centered biotch who was a horrible selfish friend". YEAH, Let me jump right in and strike up a convo with him, I would be GLAD to! And there it went, we were off like racing horses, nipping at each other til the end. UGH. Why me?! So, I told her that it wasn't very christian of her to JUDGE me like that. Why would I want to associate myself with someone like him. Keep in mind, I knew him before he met her, him and my husband were best friends. Any who, she provoked me, so I went at it. Immature, I know, but jeez. Well he text my hubby and said that we owed them $250, really?!?!?! That's funny b/c we used that $250 to buy groceries for our house b/c YOUR family (him not included he was kicked out for caught doing drugs) and so I took in HIS family and took care of his kids while his wife moped on my couch for days! I fed them, played with them, watched them, bathed them, tucked them in at night! And on top of that, I babysat those children for 3-4 days a week for months with no pay or anything! Just to help out his wife, and on top of that WE purchased his kids Christmas last year b/c he used their money to buy drugs! So, let me send you a bill, for the $150 for Christmas and the countless hours of babysitting. Also, my husband took the wrap for them years ago and got into extreme trouble and bailed out HIS butt b/c he had a new baby and new marriage! So, where is that $1,000 you owe him for your half of the cost? So, if that isn't a good friend, something is wrong. In retrospect, YOU owe ME. Then he told my husband I was yet again, a self-centered biotch, and my husband said I am my own woman and if I choose to not associate myself with him, then good for me. Thank you baby. :) Whew. OK, I am done. I had to get it off of my chest. So angry with some people, how dare you? I am not a doormat like yourself, I do not let ANYONE talk to me that way and then turn around and be their friend. My own husband does not speak to me that way. I am a strong woman and I do not need someone to tell me how to live my life, been doing it just fine for 26 years! :)

On a brighter note, after all of those cookies, I was having a moment. I needed a fix, I HAD to bake some cupcakes. In fact, I made 72 regular and 72 mini, in 2 hours! :) And man they were delicious, strawberry, double chocolate, and vanilla. My new favorite were the strawberry with chocolate icing and chocolate with strawberry icing. Mmmm......

I have posted a  few dozen pictures, I hope you guys have had a great week!!! Can't wait to catch up on all of your posts!