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Monday, August 1, 2011

Witty Bantor and My Quest

Hello bloggy lovers!

Today's post is brought to you by, Witty BFF aka my jacob, Nick Witcher!!!
Ok, so I am getting itchy AND antsy. And I am itching to do something! Something with cupcakes, cookies, and my new collection.

I am working on a new collection: My Savory Collection
Or as BFF would call it the "WTF!? Who would eat THAT?!" Collection. Got to love him!

So, what would be a savory and sweet flavor you could/want to eat in cupcake form?
On the list: Chicken -n- Waffles, and Bacon Maple... And then I am stuck.

Also, I'm working on my new "Quest"... Like I said before, I am getting antsy aand itchy. And this is where my mind takes me on a journey through complete randomocity. I am thinking about doing a different cupcake or cookie either every day or every other day. Let's be honest, I am not sure if I would have enough time to do one EVERY day. I would LOVE to, but not. going. to. happen. Kapeesh?! :)
And also, what if I based it off of random made up tv foods, like on iCarly, spaghetti tacos?! LOL... Something to that effect.

Throw me a life preserve of ideas! Ready.


Are you still there?!