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Just a southern gal from Georgia who has a real problem with baking. And by problem I mean, I can't help myself! :D I am married to the love of my life, he puts up with me so well! I am mother to the most adorable, yet tough little boy. And mother to a most beautiful full of attitude, little girl. I can't forget about our 4-legged family members! Our terrier Lucy, Our Great Dane Milo, our mutty mutt Ellie and our cats Abbey and Sammy! I LOVE to bake and I am trying to start up my own cupcakery. I love vintage anything! My blog started out as a blog for my cupcakes, now it has turned into an everyday into the life of "ME" blog. Life is not perfect and wonderful all the time, you will hear me gripe, bahahaha, it isn't all cupcakes. Just a heads up per say. :D Hope your reading experience is enjoyable! And please be sure to comment, follow, and grab my button!

Friday, August 20, 2010

$ B turns '5' today! $

  Today is a most bittersweet day for me. My baby boy is turning 5. I am so proud of how big he is, and how grown up he acts, but dang.... I miss my little squishy baby! :) I adore him so much, it is almost unspeakable, how much I love this guy! How can one person, love another person, so deeply? I don't know, but I know the feeling! My life would be incomplete without my baby boy. He is just like me, sometimes I am NOT happy about that, and other times he just makes me smile from ear to ear!

  I remember when he was born, kind of, he wanted out so bad. They had to go in and do an emergency c-section, because he moved so much, and had the cord around his neck. Silly boy, should have known he was going to be trouble! He was so teeny tiny when he was born, I wish I had pictures, but I saved them to a computer that crashed. UGH. He was in preemie clothing for about a month, then he graduated to newborn size. B was such a snuggler too..... Oh I miss this.

  "B, I love you more than you could ever know. Maybe one day, when you hae kids, you will understand what I mean." I adore his sister the same amount, in different ways, but something about the first born. I couldn't part with him, for any amount of time. I missed him when he was sleeping. This is bad, but sometimes I would go in to his room, and wake him up just so I could hug on him and kiss him more. :) I was hooked on that handosme little guy!

 Tonight, we are taking him and all of his birthday money, and letting him pick out some toys. Then it is off to Cracker Barrel for dinner.(He loves playing the checkers game)Happy Birthday to a ery grown up 5 year old!!! I love you!  P.S. TONS OF PICTURES BELOW!

30 Days of Truth- Day 11

Day 11-- Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

HAHA. Oh, its the truth, dang.
I would most definitely have to say, MY CUPCAKES!
Yes, I know, you were all thinking body part. But NO, I DO NOT receive compliments on body parts, or anything. I sometimes get a, "I like your personality and smart ass-ness", that's it. So, I choose to say, my cupcakes. If, you have not yet seen any of my cupcakes, there is a Flickr link on my blog. Check it out!

On to my next post.....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

$ 30 Days of Truth- Day 9 & 10!

WOW. So these past two days have been crazy hectic!! Yesterday, I was on a conference call, and my mother was outside with my kids. The next thing I hear is screaming and crying from B. I had to mute and run. My dear mother, let him ride his new big boy bike, off of the curb (with no helmet) and he busted it! He must have turned the wrong way, I don't know, I was inside. And he face planted the concrete, got his eye, chin, nose, knee, even took off his shoe and ripped his sock! But mommy came to the rescue and gave lots of hugs, kisses, peroxide, neosporin, and spongebob band aids. He is much better now, still looks rough, but better.  But on a great note, 'B's Birthday is tomorrow, AND hubbs ordered me an edible images printer last night!!!!!  And my at home job will start Monday!!! SO HAPPY!  Sad though because my baby, is turning 5 Friday, time goes by WAY TOO FAST. :( On to the 30 Days of Truth:

Day 9- Someone, who I couldn't let go, but just drifted.

This is a hard one.... I am not sure. If we drifted, then obviously our friendship/relationship didn't mean enough. And if I couldn't let them go, I wouldn't hae. Maybe my best friend Nick. One time he was dating a female, that I did not care for, and we got into a HUGE argument and didn't speak for months! Of course, I WAS RIGHT, lol (don't go there), and they broke up and we started to speak again. That's really the only one I can think of..... Sorry it wasn't super juicy! :)

Day 10- Someone I need to let go, or wish I had never met.

Now this one might be a smidge juicy, hubby is NOT going to like this, but here goes.
Mine is not the someone I need to let go, it is the someone, I wish I had never met.
His name is Adam. I met him one night at the Wal-Mart, he was helping me load a desk into my car, and we just hit it off. I was broken up, from my now hubby for the one millionth time, so I was ecstatic to be "moving on". It was great, he was super sweet and hot, and was just fun to be with. We never became "BF/GF", it wasn't like that, per say.

  It eventually came down to him or my hubbs. I was so torn, and I didn't know who to choose..... Adam, didn't really want a GF at the time, or anytime soon, but he would have made his way there with me.(I just couldn't picture myself married to him). Hubbs, wanted me then, and always (I knew I could marry this one, and have children with him, and be with him forever). So I chose my hubbs! I was happy with my choice. Although being a stupid teenager, I still spoke to Adam and lied to my hubbs about it, and this put a rift in our relationship. We had many fights over this character and so many bad things seemed to follow. So, although my time with Adam was fun, I still wish I hadn't have met him, it wrecked my relationship for awhile with the hubbs.

  I am glad that I have grown up and no longer act this way. Stupid teenagers, lol. I would never change this for anything, although we went through some crappy and horrible days after this, I still would have chosen my hubbs. To me, it was never, a choice.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

30 Days of Truth- Day 8

Day 8- Someone who made your life hell.

  This person, I hate to say, was my twin sister. She really was a complete jerk to me, she thought she was cooler, prettier, and better than me. I love her, and we didn't get along very well, but good enough. She hated me. I don't know why, but she did. I remember getting into physical altercations with her, and my mom yelling, "Don't break anything or kill each other!!!" Thanks mom. :) Never have I been in a physical fight with ANYONE, only my sister. Strange. Twins are supposed to love one another, and have the bond, that is unspeakable. THAT IS NOT US. She was mean to me, and I was mean to her.

  When she moved out, (while I was in the hospital after a car wreck), she got anything and everything she wanted! Talk about favoritism. It stunk. She still does. My grandmother pays her credit cards, her rent, got her a brand new suv, pays for her multiple plane rides home, trips, anything. I remember, one time I called my grandmother and asked her if she could help me pay for a root canal, and she didn't have the money. Then my sister gets a boob job?!?! REALLY?!?! LIKE, I WANT A ROOT CANAL?!?!?! NO. ugh. So, this is how it is. She still gets whatever she wants.

  She's designer, I am vintage. She is labels, I'm whatever matches my style, she's materialistic and gorgeous,  I don't care, LOL. Anywho, this is my person. We are trying to get along better, but she trys to make everything about her, when it isn't necessary. She "came down here to see my son for his birthday", yet pitched a fit b/c she had to drvie over here. She wanted me to get his gift, so she didn't have to carry it on the plane, they didn't have it, So I asked her to look. Guess who DIDN'T get a birthday present?!?! ugh. Anywho.

Monday, August 16, 2010

30 Days of Truth Day 7- And I have been tagged!!!

Day 7- Someone who has made your life worth living for.

I would have to say...... probably my husband. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have my beautiful children, the funny in life, a best friend, or a loving companion. So for that, I thank him, and love him dearly. We have been through our severe ups and downs, and in the end, here we stand together. I love you baby! I look forward to 80 more years of funny, happy, sexy, lovey-dovey moments with you!

Now on to the tagging!! I was tagged today by a beautiful, sexy, hilarious, mama!! Jana over @ Boobies, Babies, and a Blog, has tagged me with 8 questions to answer.
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 Heres the drill, I will answer the 8 questions she came up with, then I tag 8 others and ask them 8 questions! Sound easy enough?! It is! :)

Here are my answers for hers:

If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be?

It would be how sarcastic I can be sometimes.... Sometimes I am too sarcastic and it comes off rude.
What was the last argument you had regarding?
Too be frank, it was about sex. I feel I don't get it enough, lol. I have the sex drive of a 16 year old boy!
Do you read while you're in the bathroom?
Sometimes! It helps to keep my mind off of other things!
Do you believe sex offenders can be rehabilitated?
I want to say yes, to an extent, but I don't think so.
Did you have a good childhood?
I'd say I had a GREAT childhood, other than the beatings I got from my dad, it was delightful!

Fill in the blank: Money can't buy you _Pure Happiness_.

What is the last lie you told?
I told my mom I was trying to make it in time to get her, I wasn't. I was training for a job with a friend, and we talked more than trained, and I wasn't in a huge hurry. Sorry.
What's one thing (people and pets excluded) that you cannot live without?
Ice Tea and Texas Pete Hot Sauce!
Tell me 3 things you ALWAYS buy at the grocery store?
Fruit Snacks
Bubble Bath
Dr. Pepper
My 8 question for my 8 friends below:
  1. If you could be a fruit, which would you be, and why?
  2. Have you ever had a one night stand?
  3. If you could have plastic surgery, no matter what the cost, what would you get?
  4. Cats or Dogs?
  5. What would be your last meal, if you knew, you were going to die the next morning?
  6. What kind of car do you drive?
  7. Would you ever bungee jump or base jump?
  8. What is your talent?
Now on to my 8 dolls of choice:
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

$ 30 Days of Truth-- Day 6

Day 6-- Something you hope you never have to do.

  • I hope I never have to go through the pain, my aunt did, and bury a child. This is my greatest fear.
  • I hope I never have to go through a divorce.
  • I hope I never have to hear the words: Cancer, Alzheimers, or anything else that might affect my family in a tragic sense.
I know this is more than one, but I have a lot of worries and fears, I will worry myself to death sometimes!! geez. Stupid Anxiety. :) My cousin passed away when I was 15-16 and I was devestated. He was my favorite, and we were so much alike, he was one of my best friends. We hung out a lot, especially, after he moved closer to where I was living. My grandparents would tell me how much a like we acted, this was NOT a compliment at the time. LOL. We were rebellious and had our own minds, and did what we felt was right, even if it wasn't. I miss Andrew so terribly, I can only imagine, how my aunt foo-foo feels.

Andrew is in 'The Gap' shirt.