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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Black and White Wednesdays

the long road

Yummy Slice O'Cake

My sweetness in the tree with the moon...

My amazing family!

My sweet girl patiently waiting for her bowling ball.

Our Great Great Danes playing in the floor.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

S'mores Pops "How To"

These were SUPER easy and SUPER cute and they got 2 thumbs up from my 3 testers. :)

All you will need is:

1 Box of Honey Graham Crackers
1 Bag of Heart Shaped Jet-Puffed Marshmallows (I found mine at Wal-Mart, if youc an't find any, minis will do)
1 Package of Lollipop Sticks
2 Bags of chocolate candy melts

First, break your graham crackers in half to create 2 squares...
Then take 2 heart-mallows and lay them on the cracker on opposite tips on the cracker.
Go ahead and melt your candy melts as directed on bag. Take a lollipop stick and dip it in the candy melts and lay down in the center of a graham cracker, in between the marshmallows.

Once you have dipped your sticks and placed them on the desired amount of crackers, let dry for a few minutes. Once dry, place them, 4 at a time on a wire rack and ladel melted candy melts over them until covered... give them a little shimmy to rid of excess chocolate and then add sprinkles.
Place them on parchment paper until completely hardened and dried.

Once dried, remove from parchment and put into cellophane bags and tie with decorative ribbon!


So much to do, so little time....

Hey ya'll!!! I love saying that. It has been crazy hectic since the last time I posted. The fundraiser I was helping to create and put on was a huge success and it was a complete blast! Our goal was $2,500.00 and we raised $4,700.00!!! I sold over 200 cupcakes and gave out A LOT of business cards. Sad thing, I was soooooo busy organizing and running around that whole day (I wasn't even at my table longer than 5 minutes at a time) that I didn't get any pictures. Well 1. That is the lonliest number. Here is a pic of my table... It is super tiny b/c I took it with my phone. :(

Oh wait, I do have one of my sexy hubby I stole from my stepmoms facebook. She took this at the fundraiser's charity softball game. :)
And of course the NEXT day was Valentines Day!!!
How was everyone's Valentines Day?
Here is how mine went: FANTASTIC!
Get ready for the long lovely story.
Hubby had to go to work on Valentine's Day, but of course he did call me and tell me Happy Valentine's Day after I fussed at him told him. ;)
Well skip to the good stuff. A few hours later I was sitting in my car jamming out enjoying the beautiful weather, when he calls me.
Hubs: Hey, what are you doing?
Me: I am sitting in the car rider pick up line at b's school.... why?
Hubs: just making sure your there (p.s. he always makes sure im there to pick him up, for some reason he seems to think that I will forget the child I gave birth to, even though I do this EVERY SINGLE DAY)
ME: yes, I am here, not going to leave him at school
Hubs: ok, well I got to get back to work, love
Me: Love you.
So, then the radio went back up to its loud volume and then.... NO LIE, 1.4 MINUTES LATER... I am looking out and beyond the sea of cars and low and behold- "Is that my husband?!" And sure enough, here he comes in his big ol' work van barelling over the hill. (Instant smile across my face)
Now keep in mind, this is only a little 2 lane back road... So, he pulls up beside my car, puts it in park. And with the most cheesiest adorable smile on his face hops out of his car, while it is still in the middle of the road, and pulls out a dozen red roses! Walks over to my car, hands them to me, says Happy Valentine's Day and kisses me. :D Then scampers off into his car and speeds away.
Ok. I think to myself "what just happened & how many people saw that?!" LOL. But it was so sweet!!!! So, I go back to jamming out like nothing happened, im cool like that, and pick up my son. Well, I pull into one side of the 2 laned car rider pick up, and the 5 following cars that had seen this whole mushy thing unfold behind me, pull up beside me in the other lane with the same cheesy adorable smiles. Like as to say "awww I saw that, how sweet."

So, my darling son gets into the car and we are off to pick up my neighbors little girl. On the way to pick her up, I am still trying to hold back the sappy love tears from the event that had just taken place, when I pull up to her daycare.... And there is my husband, in the parking lot (which faces the main street) standing in front of his work van with the same cheesy smile (there must have been something in that Dr. Pepper!), holding a heart shaped box of chocolates in front of him, waiting for me. GAH! At this point he is KILLING ME! He is never this sappy and lovey dovey with his endeavors.

I walk in and pick up our darling cosette, and he drives away, after multiple kisses and hugs.... OH! And while I was inside picking her up, he gives my mom (she was with me) a dozen light pink roses and chocolate too!!! (Which if you knew him and her, this was hell freezing over).

Now, I have 2 dozen roses, 2 boxes of chocolate, 1 tearful mother, 1 in awe self, and 3 noisy kids in my car at this point. I pull up in the driveway and of course have to jump out and hug and kiss on him. WHEW...

Oh but it wasn't over. :)

Later on, I wanted to give him his gift, but he refused and told me he wanted to wait until the kids got theirs. But then, he sneaks a Jareds box into the kitchen and gives it to me! URGH! So sneaky. I open it and it is 2 dark blue charms with white flowers on them for my Pandora bracelet.

He assures me we are done. So, I settle in and start to make some dinner. (For the kids, mommy & daddy were going out.) Right before the kids dug into their plates, hubbs makes them stop and wait and open their Valentines gifts. And of course.... BAM! 2 more little boxes from Jared! I'm so spoiled. One was a frog charm for my boy and a ladybug charm for my girl. :) But of course, those were from my "kids".

We left to go eat at the japanese steakhouse, and enjoyed our night together. Ahh... I usually do not like Valentine's Day.... Maybe it's because the past few were HORRIBLE. :)
But, my kids and I did make chocolate dipped strawberries, YUM.

I am also adding some pics of random valentines day stuff....
Like pics of my sons class Valentines I made, S'mores Pops and Cards.
(S'mores Pops "How to" post to follow)

Valentines cupcakes for b's class
My "Red Hottie" cupcakes for b's class too...
Close up of S'mores Pop
B's Valentines for class :)