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Just a southern gal from Georgia who has a real problem with baking. And by problem I mean, I can't help myself! :D I am married to the love of my life, he puts up with me so well! I am mother to the most adorable, yet tough little boy. And mother to a most beautiful full of attitude, little girl. I can't forget about our 4-legged family members! Our terrier Lucy, Our Great Dane Milo, our mutty mutt Ellie and our cats Abbey and Sammy! I LOVE to bake and I am trying to start up my own cupcakery. I love vintage anything! My blog started out as a blog for my cupcakes, now it has turned into an everyday into the life of "ME" blog. Life is not perfect and wonderful all the time, you will hear me gripe, bahahaha, it isn't all cupcakes. Just a heads up per say. :D Hope your reading experience is enjoyable! And please be sure to comment, follow, and grab my button!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vintage Vivaciousness & Taxes

For those of you who do not know me, I LOVE vintage anything! My wedding ring is even based off of a vintage design. I was browsing the sale page on my favorite website, which by the way I cannot afford half of anything on there, But I love to wish, haha. Anywho, found this dress:

Now, I figured it may be too froo-froo for some of you, but it is timeless to me. Something about the way it just flows to the belt and then the bottom of the dress is just so plain. Gorgeous! I have come to realize that have a lot of things I could blog about, and just because it is a blog to start my cupcake business, doesn't mean I can't let anyone else in on who I am as a person, not just a baker. Run on sentence, I know, but this is how I roll. Recently I have found that dresses are horrid. I KNOW. What? How can she say that?! I don't know what had been going on, but literally up until about 2 weeks ago, I refused to buy/wear/ or look at a dress. I have not had a need for a dress, not even when I was 87 pounds, and could pull it off and then some. But having kids COMPLETELY changes your body. I went from a size 00 {double zero} to now, a well, NOT a 00. haha. Getting back to the point, here lately I have a love for dresses. And, in some rare cases, they actually look flattering on me. So for now, I will try things on and find ones I love, or for ones that I can't find I will go home, sulk and cry like a big baby and pitch a fit about how fat I am and eat some Half Baked. Which, by the way, surprisingly doesn't help the weight factor. HMMM...... The dress above is just beautiful, plain, and they have A TON of vintage super cute things. My fav website to "wish" shop is called Mod Cloth. If you love funky, vintage, anything from 30's-early 90's style clothing, check them out. You will not be let down, and if you are, I am sorry. You have bad taste, hahaha, Just kidding. Also, I wanted to tell you about a little thing I received in the mail today. I was not at all expecting to receive my Sales Tax Certificate of Registration, and TA-DA like magic it was there. Honestly, I had no idea really what I was filling out, and I thought that I did something wrong and they were coming after me. What a relief to find out that it was just a certificate. Now, I can sell cupcakes and charge sales tax. Although, I don't, and I won't, just something to have to show that I did something to make this legit. Next up, my DBA, which hopefully I will get soon. I hope to be putting out orders soon, that would be GRAND! Yet, I am not sure of how to actually package and ship without them getting ruined...... Any tips?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Howdy Ya'll!!

So I was over on one of my favorite blogs, Bakerella, when I read her latest post. She made the cutest, countriest, cupcakes ever! If I had been creative enough to think of this when my son turned 2, this would have been PERFECT! I am thinking I will HAVE to come up for an excuse to try these out, maybe a kid friendly, cake project. YUM. My poor kids, they used to do fun artsy craftsy things all the time, now most of those, like 75%, have been replaced by cooking projects! :) Hopefully they won't grow up to hate me and live off of fast food. Anywho, here is a picture of the adorable Mater Cakes!

Aren't these the cutest things! This makes me want to talk like a bumpkin! :)  So yummy looking as well. Very very creative and genius. Hope you guys enjoy her blog as much as I do, lots of great tips, and gorgeous pictures and creations! I will make sure to post pics of the one I do, I might try to throw in a Lightning McQueen or two as well ;).

Sunday, June 13, 2010

::Honored to be receiving The Versatile Blogger award!!! ::

Imagine my surprise when I check my blog this morning to find out that......{drumroll please!}..........I have been awarded The Versatile Blogger award!!! I was so excited!!! Thank you sooo very much Mary (Yenta Mary- Food Floozie blog), I was smitten! My husband, who by the way is NOT a blog enthusiast, was genuinely very happy for me! I am trying to make this blog a better and definately more witty one. So funny, in person I speak so witty and funny, yet when I try ti type it out, FAIL. :) Now, I know that Mary's list was in no particular order, but seeing MY blog on the #2 spot, Refreshing and hopeful. My blog is for my hopeful business, but I am also not objected to writing about real life stories. If your reading this, please join my blog, I am always looking for more readers. Are there readers out there who read my blog a lot, yet are not "following" it?? I always wonder these things. If your not "following", yet following, that works for me! Hope I didn't confuse you, I tend to talk in circles! Well again, thank you Mary for bestowing this honor on my bloggie!!! We love you! :)