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Friday, August 6, 2010


First day of school:
  Today is 'B's very first day of school! He is in Kindergarten this year, and holy cow, I am getting older. I was really worried for him, I thought he was going to have a meltdown, and I was going back home with him. As much as I would have loved for this to happen, just because I will miss him not being here, he didn't. Not one stinkin' tear or sniffle or worrisome question. I guess he was ready. Breaks my heart, but I know, he will love it! He went in, hung up his book bag, gave his lunch money to the teacher, and then found a seat at a table.

  Where he started to color and cut out pictures. OK then. Do you think I could possibly maybe get a goodbye from you? *Nothing* Bhahaha. I just kept saying, "OK, I am leaving now.... I love you, have a good day, are you OK? You know I am leaving right?" LOL. And all I got in return was, " Bye, Love you, OK, yes, yes ma'am" :)  Such a big boy now. More to report when he gets home.

Scavenger Hunt:

  Now Wednesday, since it was getting closer to school starting, I made a scavenger hunt for the kids to do. There were literally 4 things to grab from outdoors, and I made them easy, It was too hot outside to be out there long. But I made them find things like, a purple crayon, a mini hair bow, red & yellow block, a 'little people', flower, rock, leaf, grass, a car from the game of 'Life', a juice box, and a handi snacks cheese & crackers. Of course, the last two they had to find, they got to eat for a snack. It was actually quite fun.

  Will be posting pics below. B enjoyed it more, he is into that sort of stuff, Ladybug not so much. We decorated strawberry containers, I had been saving for days like this, and tied some string to them to make then easier to carry. Then, I printed out their list, and off we went. Ladybug didn't want to put a check in the box, she wanted to color the whole page, and B was in hunting mode. He wanted to get it found, check it off, and go to the next. All in all, it was fun, hot, and entertaining!


  Also on Wednesday, my neighbor and good friend Kate, asked me if I would make some Cookies-n-Cream cupcakes for her to take to work. Of course, I am all for this, so off I went to purchase cookies and some cupcake containers. I just adore making cupcakes, especially, for someone so sweet. The icing was ready to be piped on, and crap!, stupid random cookie chunks kept clogging me up. Argh!

  I didn't have this problem last time I made these! Oh well. Next time, I will make sure they are finely chopped. My food processor and I are having issues. I don't like the way it works, and it doesn't like the way I yell and hit at it. LOL. Sounds like my marriage some days!!! (If your reading this: "I Love you baby.") The finished product turned out nicely, I used double my secret ingredient, and added some crushed cookies in the batter. YUM.

I am pooped. Off to clean the house. Hubs has been out of town for work, so I have been slack on 'my chores', this house is a wreck. (Yet again, if your reading this, I love you baby!!!) I added an adorable picture of one of our danes Milo with Ladybug!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

$ Day of Law $

Well, today I am stuck in the office with my attorneys and with some other people. Cannot really go into much detail, not yet, anyways. But let's just say that I was wanting to stay home and bake up some new cupcake flavors and not here doing this tit for tat meeting. SO. This I guess you could say is going to be a short post, I really just needed something to do, to keep me from going insane. On another note, how was everyones weekend? Mine was OK, did some bathroom remodeling ( will def post pics) and some swimming with the kiddos. I wish it weren't so rainy here, but I guess rainy is better than, 110 heat index. Ahh the ramblings of a bored, should be at home, mommy. Until my next post. Please pray I make it out of here without screaming infidelities at some ignorant mindless little man! :) ::Kristin::

Monday, August 2, 2010

OOOOhhhhh AAAhhhhhh....!!!

HOLY SCHMOLY! Over at Tidy Mom, she is doing this most wonderful giveaway, and I hope and pray, I WIN! She is giving away a 'Silhouette' Craft Cutter... Isn't it small and pretty! Well she was able to test it out and did some fantastic projects! You must go and check them out here! I wonder if I could possibly use edible ink with this and fondant paper. Hmm.... Oh the possibilities! Nevermind you can do cupcake wrappers, really!! This is right up my crafty alley! Any who, if you are interested in entering this fantastic giveaway, head over to Tidy Mom's Blog, and check it out! Deadline is August 7th!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A great giveaway!

Hey guys,
I know there are a ton of great giveaways out there, but this one is a great for the kids!
Over at Country Girl, City Life, she has a $25 GC giveaway to Build-A-Bear workshops! You must follow the rules though, which include: But hurry the deadline is August 2nd!!

To Enter [MANDATORY]:Head over to the Build-A-Bear Workshop website and tell her which furry friend you would like to make! There are TONS to chose from!!!

Additional Entries

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You will have until 8/2 to enter this giveaway. The winner will be chosen shortly after!!