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Just a southern gal from Georgia who has a real problem with baking. And by problem I mean, I can't help myself! :D I am married to the love of my life, he puts up with me so well! I am mother to the most adorable, yet tough little boy. And mother to a most beautiful full of attitude, little girl. I can't forget about our 4-legged family members! Our terrier Lucy, Our Great Dane Milo, our mutty mutt Ellie and our cats Abbey and Sammy! I LOVE to bake and I am trying to start up my own cupcakery. I love vintage anything! My blog started out as a blog for my cupcakes, now it has turned into an everyday into the life of "ME" blog. Life is not perfect and wonderful all the time, you will hear me gripe, bahahaha, it isn't all cupcakes. Just a heads up per say. :D Hope your reading experience is enjoyable! And please be sure to comment, follow, and grab my button!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

There once was a man from.....

  Bahaha, I must have looked very approachable at the grocery store yesterday. Some kind, older gentleman, came up to me and commented on how nice my tomatoes were looking. Don't pretend like you weren't thinking what I was thinking he was referring too! :) But no really, he was speaking of tomatoes. Odd. But I let him know that the tomatoes from that certain produce section from that certain store, well.... sucked. He then proceeded to ask me, kind of smugly, "then where could I find any great tomatoes?" AH HA! I knew the exact place, gave him directions, and he was quite smitten with me. I know, it happens a lot like that with me. :)

  Anywho, short cute story I just thought of. I have been super busy. Now that I am working from home, and still baking for work, never mind keeping house, kids, husband and dog. Wow. It has been crazy. I did learn though that sometimes it is fun to just roll around in the grass and beat up your hubby and kids! ;) Oh yes, severe pain this past week too.... Had to have a tooth cut out of my gums, YOWCH. Now THAT was painful. And, I love food way too much to be forbidden to not eat it for 3 days.... This coming weekend I have a baby shower to make cupcakes for, and my friend Ashley's little baby's birthday to do as well! It is candy/cupcake themed, can't wait to post pics when I am finished.

  This is a smidge of a mish mash, Hodge podge, post for me. Although here lately, they are all that way.
On another note, not that I'm not busy enough already, I have decided to share recipes on here too. Of course, I will start with some of my yummy cupcake ones, but I am thinking all foods all around. I have a great bean salad recipe I am dying to share (It is my friend Jennifer's-- AMAZING), and also a new twist on dip, and homemade yeast rolls. MMMMmmmm..... Let me tell you how hard it is, especially if you love yeast rolls, to go out in the morning to workout and have to smell yeast rolls cooking in the air for 20 minutes. Unbearable! It is like putting a chocolate cake just out of reach while I am at that point in the month where I crave it. ;) Sorry guys, lol. We live about 2 miles from the Flowers Baking Plant, and every morning they start baking those dang yeast rolls, and it is heaven in the air. :)

  Sometime this month we are taking the kids to our family farm and I cannot wait to take lots of pictures. I am such a shutterbug. We have cows, and a cabin, and a new house (6 bedrooms, nice) and a stocked lake, and so much acreage. I cannot wait. There is nothing like being there in the fall, with the fire blazing in the house, or in the fire pit outside, grazing with the cows, skipping rocks down the creek, walking the pastures, roasting marshmallows, making "campfire stew" (another recipe I cant wait to share), fishing, going on the boat, waking up to the geese, and may more things. I love the country. Except for manure, bugs, wet slimy fish, worms on hooks, mosquitoes, & cows looking like they are going to stampede. I know, such a country girl at heart. NOT. I used to name our cattle and remember their tag numbers, one day I realized they kept disappearing, no one would tell me the whole truth. Then I grew up, and was told, and also realized. Oh, huh, We are a beef cattle farm. Fantastic. Poor Belle, winding up someones hamburger. :(

  OK, so now that I have officially jumped from one spectrum to the next, I am going to go catch up on my dvr! Good night all. I hope you all had a most splendid weekend. P.S. Do any of you watch "Are you being served?" GREAT SHOW!