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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fundraiser--7 days left!

We are in the week away stretch for the fundraiser, and as I was typing this, I realized.... CRAP I HAVE LESS THAN ONE WEEK TO MAKE 250-500 COOKIES AND CUPCAKES... And I haven't even started. WHOA. Well I am super excited about it anyways!! Dawn and Tommy Phillips are wonderful and have a great family.

I met Dawn for the first time Friday and she was such a sweetheart. It makes me so happy to be helping out with such a wonderful thing. However, I know that this was supposed ot be a pageant, but that has been cancelled. With such little time to get this together, I just don't have time to do a pageant.

On another note, we are having a charity softball tournament. If any of you reading this would like to come out, if you live in the area, please go to the website for details. Web Site HERE...

With my honey out of town, kids, house, animals, fundraiser, and now training for my job starting Monday.... I am not sure when I am going to have the time to actually sit down and make all of these cookies. Maybe I could clone myself? I wonder if my kids would entertain themselves for awhile so I could make some.... yeah who am I kiddin! LOL.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...

These are from Christmas; But I haven't yet made a 2011 folder of pix yet! :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yoga and Sneaky Snakes

Woke up one morning and decided that I would make my hubby some breakfast before he went to work. Now keep in mind, I am not ready for the day until about after 9. So being up at 5:30, AND feeling generous, once in a lifetime. I was trying not to make too much noise in the kitchen, I did not want to wake my sleeping hellians angels from their slumber. Got out the eggs, bacon, cheese, and bread.

Scrambled the eggs, cooked the bacon til it was burnt just right, toasted the bread and put it all together! VOILA! Breakfast for my man. Now, where is my man? Still sound asleep, nice. So, HIS alarm woke ME up, but not HIM. Classic. Well, hunny left for work and of course I had full intention on NOT going back to sleep. He was certain I would, but I was going to stay strong! And I did. My little girl woke up at 6 am and peeked her little bed head into the kitchen.

She walked in with her eyes half open and speaking in the softest "just woke up" adorable tone, and asked me for some breakfast. Well in my house, when my daughter wakes up soooo stinkin cute like this, I am instantly thrown into a good mood. I leaned over the island and whispered with a HUGE grin, "What would you like for breakfast baby?" She looked back at me with her beautiful grin and pointed at the cupcake toppers I had made the night before, out of homemade MMF, and that was it. So, I said, "no baby, those are for your brothers class". Then the gut wrencher.

She looked up at me and said, "but mommy, I already had one.... in bed". My face was probably priceless at this point, and my jaw flew open, hit the ground and my mind was rapidly thinking, yeah right. haha. But no, she was right. I looked down on the tray and I was missing an entire cupcake topper and a "0" off of another one. She looked at me with the slyest grin I have ever seen, and she was so proud of herself for being so sneaky! Here I was locking up our great dane, so HE wouldn't eat one, and my precious 3 year old was the culprit! So... needless to say, momma was rushing around trying to roll out more fondant and making a new one. Kids... Nuff said.

Yoga. Here in this past week I have been doing yoga. I was so excited. The first thought in my mind, oh this is just a bunch of stretching, my kind of work out! Note: If you do yoga and you already know that this assumption is completely WRONG, shh. So, I bought this Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown.... I thought: "Meltdown? Must just be because your stretching SO much". Then I read the front of the cover, "Lose 5 pounds a week".... I paused and pondered, standing in the walmart... 5 pounds gone, from stretching? Hmm.. OK. Maybe they stretch REAL WELL.

Got home and decided to give it a go before bed. After all, who wouldn't want a nice relaxing stretch-down before you crawl into bed? I pop the DVD in and there she is, make-up and all. Aww, How pretty, see you don't need make up like that for a "real" work out. I knew this was going to be easy. You see where I am headed, don't you? Start stretching and then she wants me to get my heart rate up. For yoga?! I thought. Ok. I will humor you Jillian.

And then the workout started...... HELL ON A DVD. YOGA IS NOT EASY STRETCHING! Maybe once you have done it for years it is easy! HA. I loved the downward dog and the warrior, but this one thing, can't remember what it is called, where you have to go into a push up like postition on your elbows and then turn to your side with your arm in the air and balance..... HA. Not fun easy stretching. So, after all of my, thats easy crap.

I am sorely mistaken. But, on a side note, I LOVED IT! Now, I have to do it everyday. Funny thing, my husband walked in while I was doing it, and what did he say to me? "Yoga? Huh, thats so EASY, nothing but stretching!" BAHAHAHAHA. Sure honey. Go ahead and try it with me. ;)