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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

30 Days of Truth- Day 8

Day 8- Someone who made your life hell.

  This person, I hate to say, was my twin sister. She really was a complete jerk to me, she thought she was cooler, prettier, and better than me. I love her, and we didn't get along very well, but good enough. She hated me. I don't know why, but she did. I remember getting into physical altercations with her, and my mom yelling, "Don't break anything or kill each other!!!" Thanks mom. :) Never have I been in a physical fight with ANYONE, only my sister. Strange. Twins are supposed to love one another, and have the bond, that is unspeakable. THAT IS NOT US. She was mean to me, and I was mean to her.

  When she moved out, (while I was in the hospital after a car wreck), she got anything and everything she wanted! Talk about favoritism. It stunk. She still does. My grandmother pays her credit cards, her rent, got her a brand new suv, pays for her multiple plane rides home, trips, anything. I remember, one time I called my grandmother and asked her if she could help me pay for a root canal, and she didn't have the money. Then my sister gets a boob job?!?! REALLY?!?! LIKE, I WANT A ROOT CANAL?!?!?! NO. ugh. So, this is how it is. She still gets whatever she wants.

  She's designer, I am vintage. She is labels, I'm whatever matches my style, she's materialistic and gorgeous,  I don't care, LOL. Anywho, this is my person. We are trying to get along better, but she trys to make everything about her, when it isn't necessary. She "came down here to see my son for his birthday", yet pitched a fit b/c she had to drvie over here. She wanted me to get his gift, so she didn't have to carry it on the plane, they didn't have it, So I asked her to look. Guess who DIDN'T get a birthday present?!?! ugh. Anywho.

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Helen said...

Didn't your sister ever hear of cash? Sometimes I don't know what to get for my cousins' children. I started giving gift certificates so they could choose things from stores they liked. Then I ended up at a loss with a Bennigans certificate I had, so I decided that hopefully cash is always good.
I know. A personal gift showing I understand them would be far nicer. But since I know I'd miss the mark, I figure cash works. Too bad sis didn't think of it.