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Thursday, August 19, 2010

$ 30 Days of Truth- Day 9 & 10!

WOW. So these past two days have been crazy hectic!! Yesterday, I was on a conference call, and my mother was outside with my kids. The next thing I hear is screaming and crying from B. I had to mute and run. My dear mother, let him ride his new big boy bike, off of the curb (with no helmet) and he busted it! He must have turned the wrong way, I don't know, I was inside. And he face planted the concrete, got his eye, chin, nose, knee, even took off his shoe and ripped his sock! But mommy came to the rescue and gave lots of hugs, kisses, peroxide, neosporin, and spongebob band aids. He is much better now, still looks rough, but better.  But on a great note, 'B's Birthday is tomorrow, AND hubbs ordered me an edible images printer last night!!!!!  And my at home job will start Monday!!! SO HAPPY!  Sad though because my baby, is turning 5 Friday, time goes by WAY TOO FAST. :( On to the 30 Days of Truth:

Day 9- Someone, who I couldn't let go, but just drifted.

This is a hard one.... I am not sure. If we drifted, then obviously our friendship/relationship didn't mean enough. And if I couldn't let them go, I wouldn't hae. Maybe my best friend Nick. One time he was dating a female, that I did not care for, and we got into a HUGE argument and didn't speak for months! Of course, I WAS RIGHT, lol (don't go there), and they broke up and we started to speak again. That's really the only one I can think of..... Sorry it wasn't super juicy! :)

Day 10- Someone I need to let go, or wish I had never met.

Now this one might be a smidge juicy, hubby is NOT going to like this, but here goes.
Mine is not the someone I need to let go, it is the someone, I wish I had never met.
His name is Adam. I met him one night at the Wal-Mart, he was helping me load a desk into my car, and we just hit it off. I was broken up, from my now hubby for the one millionth time, so I was ecstatic to be "moving on". It was great, he was super sweet and hot, and was just fun to be with. We never became "BF/GF", it wasn't like that, per say.

  It eventually came down to him or my hubbs. I was so torn, and I didn't know who to choose..... Adam, didn't really want a GF at the time, or anytime soon, but he would have made his way there with me.(I just couldn't picture myself married to him). Hubbs, wanted me then, and always (I knew I could marry this one, and have children with him, and be with him forever). So I chose my hubbs! I was happy with my choice. Although being a stupid teenager, I still spoke to Adam and lied to my hubbs about it, and this put a rift in our relationship. We had many fights over this character and so many bad things seemed to follow. So, although my time with Adam was fun, I still wish I hadn't have met him, it wrecked my relationship for awhile with the hubbs.

  I am glad that I have grown up and no longer act this way. Stupid teenagers, lol. I would never change this for anything, although we went through some crappy and horrible days after this, I still would have chosen my hubbs. To me, it was never, a choice.

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