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Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Where does Bacon come from?"

A funny thing happened while at the Wally World. Yes, I go to walmart a lot. My son, who is about to be 6, had asked me:
"Where does Bacon come from? and ground beef?"
So, I looked him in the eye, {and being the realist that I am}, I said :"Cows and Pigs".
"Oh. Ok. And bread, does that come from cow?"
"No, that comes from flour and wheat and things from the earth"
"Oh. Ok."
"When I say Pigs and cows, do you understand?"
"Kind of."
This is the part where I am uber-brutally honest, but again, I am a realist and wouldn't lie to my children.
"Do you know Porky at the farm animal exhibit?"
"THAT is bacon."
" :-O "
"Do you know all of the cows we walk around with in the pasture at the farm?"
"THAT ia ground beef"
" :-O "
And to myself I thought, we are on our way to being vegan!

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