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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Inspektor KupKake...

I have such a wonderful husband. With that said, my kuppy kake world is an 1/8 crushed due to him. But, I keep telling myself: "I have such a wonderful husband." Working hard yesterday, while hubs had the day off, Lucky. I noticed how quiet it was in the hizzy. So cool that my kids are being so quiet fo rme to work. Well come to find out, they weren't even here.

When I happened to look up and out of the corner of my eye. I saw my drama queen sweet little roo (Ky) dryign my wheels with a rag. I had to double-take. But yes, she was drying my wheels with a rag. Look at my car!!! It was so shiny and purty!

Never saw my car drive back and forth from my driveway to the main street. Oblivious much. BUT. I did notice ONE THING. And I had temporarily forgotten about it, until hubs had said soemthign about 45 min ago.
My back hatch was missing the very couture piece of luxury it had owned.

MY KUPPY KAKES BY KRISTIN MAGNET. What the @#!!*&$%^!!! Where did my beauty go!? I figured that my husband, whom I love very much (reminding myself to keep the heart rate down), had removed it to clean the car underneath it. It gets dirty out hur in the country. ;)

But then today! He called me to say: "Did you take the magnet off of the car?" Why "NO, I didn't. Maybe YOU did, to clean it." "IT wasn't there when I arrived at the car wash." Im thinking, my fat fanny it wasn't. He said, "maybe someone took it." "Why would someone, anyone, not named Kristin take my magnet!" He said: Like a man, "I dunno." URGH!

How odd, the timing of it all, and he cut his own throat by saying (at the beginning of my new car relatiosnhip) "You are not putting those magnets on this car!" Guess he had the last word.

Or does he? I have an even BIGGER magnet that I am going to put on it, and when he arrives home from out of town, we will se who has the last laugh. ;) bahahaha!


Jeanette said...

Your blog is just too cute, I am enjoying checking out it very much! I am your newest follower from the Thursday friends cafe! Have a great Thursday!


sara said...

It is all very curious timing. Hmmmm...I call suspect!