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Friday, April 8, 2011


I am not sure if frustration can manifest in such a way that you literally explode. Now, I felt like this was going to happen, but it indeed did not. Work was so frustrating to me, kept getting hung up on and yelled at, there was one gentleman who brightened my day. He was so kind and so personable, Thank You Mr. Stu Iselin. He wrote a short story about a terrible thing that happened to him and maybe soon I will share it. Of course with his consent.

Now, I do not know what was said to make so many people angry, but they were and they were taking it out on me. Anywho, im done venting about work. Wait, no i'm not, haha. I requested a PT position so that I can have time to do my other job, you know the job you haven't heard anythign about in forever, yes that job.... what is it, you forgot?!?! Its ok, me too, its cupcakes! :) Your welcome for the reminder.

But I just got my new schedule and it is FT again, yikes. I need to bake, if I don't do something messy adn creative soon, I will burst. No lie.
Well my hubbys birthday was yesterday, but baking his oh so delicious pound cake wasn't enough to quench my thirst. Although it was delicious, and I will post a pic soon and maybe the recipe, if your kind. ;)

Oh well, tomorrow we wil be headed to Underground Atlanta and The World of Coca-Cola, this will be fun. I will take lots of pictures and post them soon. P.S. Sara-- I have not forgotten about the cupcake wars... my mind is so set on it. :)

With love & cupcakes!


Anonymous said...

Love the World of Coke- but I think I will partake with The Varsity on Sunday :o)

Ange said...

You must make time for your love (baking) otherwise you may just go nuts, even if you don't physically explode.

And Happy belated birthday to the hubby.

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I am sorry work has been so bad. What do you do?
I know you are going to have fun today.

sara said...

I hate it when people yell at you for things beyond your control. I get lots of that at my job too.

HOORAY...cupcake wars! Just tell me what you need girlie and I'm all over it! Tshirts, cute aprons, taste testers :D