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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Randomocity At Its Best-- and the blabbing goes on....

I am thinking this is going to be a most random post, lots of loop-de-loops, and frog hopping. So, let's begin. Yesterday my kids were complete JERKS angels! Yes, I know I said it, so what. My son had a thing for hitting Lucy, our little terrier, yesterday and then he also kicked her once! Really?!?!? So, do you want me to kick you? Oh, NO. OK, so tell me again why you think it is OK to kick a dog, who can't and won't, defend herself?! Ugh. Butt head.

  So, then I gave him the whole, if "you treat animals bad they are finding a new home" speech. And he sobbed and cried and kissed her and told her he was sorry. That's what I thought! I just don't know what has gotten into him lately. He is also on this new "I am married to the girl next door" kick. Him and his friend, Cosette, are married. 4 years old and already married, I know they move fast nowadays, but dayum! Speaking of marriage, my husband and I, were at odds last night.

  He practically forced me to go to the ER because I had 3 small bumps pop up, and he didn't want to catch some disease, chicken. Oh and what do you think he did?! Went to Google and looked it up, he swore up and down that I had Impetigo! Impetigo, I do not have, it is something else.... ICK. Last night for dinner, I made some pizzas and some mini cheeseburgers, it was actually good. Until my wonderful daughter decided to give Milo, our temper mental bellied Dane, pizza.

  Oh yes, I woke up this morning to 6 HUGE piles of diarrhea, in my dining room floor. Wonderful. So, this day is off to a most wonderful start! I'm hungry too.... but I need to lose some weight, so I guess it is egg whites for me. You know, last week, every time I turned around I was eating one of my Peanut Butter Bars. Delicious, and I lost 3 pounds!! I definitely could keep that diet plan, yum. Anywhoodles, And the blabbing just goes on and on. Please stop me, for my own bloggy good, it's madness.

  If it weren't for my bloggy friend Ian, letting me vent to him, I would go coo-koo! :) Speaking of coo-koo, last night I purchased a pint of Blue Bell Cotton Candy Ice cream for .20 cent! Hot damn, and it was delish. Of course, I had to share it with my kids, who were waiting up for me. And that much sugar before bed meant, you guessed it, they didn't go to bed! Not until at least 11:30.

  And we're back around to the beginning complaint of my children. HA HA. Oh, how the cycle goes on. But on a positive note, I do truly adore my kids, and I adore staying home with them. Sometimes, as a parent, you just have to vent! :)


Anonymous said...

LMAO! It sounds like you took a page out of my book!

Although last night I swore up and down my hubby had impetigo too! How weird is that?! Your hubby and I would mesh well...with our hypochondriac madness!

Ian said...

Six piles? That's hot


It is going to be a long summer, eh?? Well atleast all of us SAHM's are in it together!!