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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cotton Candy cupcakes & B.S.

Since my last post, I have been contemplating my next post, whether or not I am any good at blogging. Yes, we can all write to an extent, but actually expressing our feelings through words, so that others feel the same; DEEP, and complicated. HA. So, maybe if I don't try so hard, it will happen, or I will just keep thinking this. Tonight was eventful, hubby came home from out of town, had a family meeting, made cotton candy cupcakes, and mommy used bleach to "burn" off some "skin spots". HA.

  Don't ask, or do, and be grossed out. For the past week though, we have been going back and forth, on whether or not to sell our dog. I love Milo, our Great Dane, so very much.(See picture below) But lately, it's just been too much, and I am the one left to fix, clean,  & pick up most of the messes. And 2 small kids, 4 dogs, 4 cats, a house, and a business from home, I am a smidge overwhelmed. It is a hard choice to make, I am so attached to that big galoot, it isn't even funny.

  My hubby has it set in his mind, ad up, ready to go. I get attached too easily, so it sucks for me. Well, enough sad junk. This will be a short post, kind of, shorter than the rest. :) Funny thing, found out a new yummy way to eat popcorn. Ultimate Butter with cut up Candy Fruit Slice, YUM & Odd. (See pic below) New rule for self, do not stay up til 2 am blogging. Especially when I have to get up at 7 with the kids. So, good night to all!


SarahM said...

Good luck with the dog situation. It can be tough but you have to do what is best for your family.

PS - I want to eat the screen, your cupcakes look THAT good! mm..

Amanda said...

Great looking cupcakes girl!

be blessed-

Born 2 Be Mom said...

A few things -

First of all, the popcorn is a brilliant idea, and although it looks strange I am sure it's strangely delicious. Second, I'm sure you will figure out the Milo situation. It's tough, pets so often become "part of the family." And third, 'scuse me while I steal your cotton candy cupcakes!! lol

Jaclynn_kyuss said...

You said, "Eat my computer screen!" haha

Well i want to lick mine! Cotton candy on cupcakes! OMG I am so pregnant and so craving cotton candy now! THANKS A LOT! haha

What kind of icing did you use for those???