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Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Minute!

Monday Minute
 It is that joyful time again, we like to call, MONDAY. Over at The Daily Dose, Ian is doing his usual awesomeness, and this 'episode' is co-hosted by Kendra from Baby Bits! By the way, she came up with all of the questions!

What was your "oh no, I'm turning into my Mom/Dad" moment?

        There are so many moments, I can't place a finger on just one, gahhh. Mainly with most things I say on a daily basis, there are those that creep out, that sound like my parents! Saying something is different than turning into something. Please Lord, I WILL NOT turn out like my mother. BAHAHA.

  What current commercial do you find the most annoying/funny?Most annoying commercial? Not sure, I have been using my dvr, so it is hard to know. I did see one the other day where I about fell out laughing, but now, I can't remember. dang.

If you could only eat one color food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Are cupcakes considered a color? LOL. Probably white or brown..... Brown for tea, chocolate, lots of things!

What is your current Facebook/Myspace/Twitter status?
FB: Something about wanting to create cookies.

Myspace: HA! Don't use it ever.
Twitter: Something about my kids, I think.

'F***', Marry, Kill from this list below. Women pick from the men, men pick from the women.

•Snookie (from Jersey Shore), Ellen DeGeneres, Betty White
•Regis Philbin, Justin Bieber, Perez Hilton

Ok, I would probably Marry Regis, he is just so charming!
I would probably 'F' Justin Bieber, lol, young I know, but Regis is too old and well perez?! yuck.
And I would hafta off Perez! LOL. He is an annoying D*uc*ebag!!

And if I were a man, lol, I would Marry Betty White, 'F' Ellen, and kill Snookie!!! :) Just f.y.i. ;)

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