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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Follow me back Tuesday & 30 Days of Truth-

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Well you guys know that today is Tuesday, which means, time to head on out to the Tuesday blog hops! Also, I was over on Jana's page (BBAB) and she has started the '30 days of Truth' over at Angel Believes. Well, I was so in, the questions are great! Here is a link if you would like to join in!

Day 1- Something you hate about yourself.

Yes, hate is a strong word, but we all use it.
I know it says 'something', as in 1, but I have a few
I hate the way I look. Honestly. I used to weigh 87 pounds at 21 years of age, since I have had kids, I now weigh 138. This to me is unacceptable. And I know some of you reading this are like, "I would kill to weigh that!" But its true, this to me is fat and ugly, and I do not like it. I do not wish to weigh 87 pounds again, honestly, I see photos of myself from a mere 4 years ago, and I look TOO thin. Maybe 110.

I have panic attacks. And some are controllable and some are not. Mainly if I am out of my comfort zone, and not around anyone I know, I wig. If I am at home alone for longer than an hour and I can't get in touch with someone, I wig. I think I am going to die or something bad will happen, and no one will find me for days. I have this fear of that happening and my poor child would be here with a dead body for days. Although, my hubby comes home at 6:30, lol, I just have that fear. This is why my mom lives with us, and the fact she has nowhere else to go. Silly, probably even crazy, but that's me.

Also, I am a screamer (Just like Jana, lol), and in the same way. I scream when I am angry. I feel bad because my dad used to abuse me and my sister when we were younger, and so I just feel guilty for screaming. I just say, well I would rather scream then spank them. And this isn't an everyday occurrence, but trust me, we have our moments in this house.

I do not like to go places that are 15 miles or more away from my home. I am horrible with directions, I can manage around the town, and into the adjoining cities. But if I have to get on the highway to go anywhere, someone better be with me. I get lost in .02 seconds and I will wig, lol. My husband says I'm directionally challenged, this is why I love him so much, he is a highway-direction-map superman!

Well that's it.... tomorrow will be Day 2 for me and the question is: Something you love about yourself.
I have posted a page of the questions if you would like to follow along! Just check it out under my header.


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Anonymous said...

We are SOOOO freakin alike...I weigh about the same as you and feel like it's 'too much.' But I think that's the woman in me. (And the 5 lbs of fake boobs!)

Thanks for linking up to both FMBT & 30 Days of Truth! Can't wait to keep an eye on your truths!

Tree said...

Hi there! Stopping by for FMBT, and following! I'm a GA girl too...well originially. I've been a "transplanted" Jersey girl for the last 16 years. LOL Hope you'll stop by and visit me soon! :)

Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)
Mother of Pearl It Is

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Hi! I'm your newest follower from FMBT! A little late but so glad I didn't miss your blog! What a beautiful family you have! Looking forward to reading your future posts.

Hope you'll come visit and follow me back next. :)
Lisa xoxo