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Friday, June 11, 2010

Precious- Not cupcakes- very sad- had to post

 Got a call today from our rescue  group we volunteer with, Dames for Danes, and we had to go pick up an emaciated, sick little girl from Coweta County "Humane Society", if you could call it that. My husband arrived to get this poor girl and she was shut in a cage with ALL of the other dogs, and was left there for 3 days with no care!!! Oh excuse me, they gave her dewormer after the vet told them she had parvo, BIG EFFING WHOOP!

  Randall arrived, picked her up, carried her to his truck and took her to the vet. She was so weak she could not even walk, lift her head, or anything. She was severely dehydrated, emaciated, and hairless from the waist down. She was COVERED in ticks, and I mean, COVERED. At the vet they removed over 30 ticks, and that was just from her EARS! Her temperature was 106.3 and they were VERY surprised that the fever hadn't consumed her brain yet.

  The vet took her blood and her white cell count was literally 0, she didn't even have anything left to fight off anything that was going on inside of her. They gave her IV fluids and her temp came down about 3 degrees, at this point, she was able to lift her head for about 30 seconds before she couldn't hold it up any longer. Randall told me not to touch her because she was covered and she had parvo and I could not bring it home to our healthy pups.

  Since I had already stepped into the room and I was considered contaminated, I decided to love on her, pet her head rub her face talk to her. This baby was the sweetest thing, her face was so gentle and adoring and yet she didn't even get a chance at life. She was only a year old, 1, that's not much of a life span!! Her eye lids sagged and drooped so bad that even when her eyes were closed, they looked open and red like blood. She was trying to move and get comfortable and she just didn't have the strength.

  The vet told us that for her care for yesterday was going to be $300, and for her weekend care, it would be $1,500.00. Of course Dames for Danes just couldn't afford it, and we were trying to figure out how we could, but just couldn't. We were given a percentage of her survival had we gone through with it, and this poor baby was 10-15%, and they weren't even sure she would make it through the night. OK. So here we were, me a complete tearful mess over this dog I had just met, and Randall with a very tough decision to make for ourselves as well as Dames for Danes.

  Our rescue confidant was a mess as well, she was crying and she couldn't make the choice, even though we all knew what that choice was. So, my husband took my hand and told me to leave, because I have such a HUGE heart for animals, I would have been on the floor watching in tears, watching her die. So, I left and as I walked outside I just cried and cried and got myself back together before getting into my car to drive home.

  When I got home, I had to have my mom come and get the kids out and in their playroom, door shut, and she had to put our dogs outside. Then she had to open all the doors, even the shower door and turn it on, so I didn't have to touch a knob. I had to strip down in the garage and carry my "contaminated" clothing with me to the washer, running with hot water and ready to disinfect. I had to get into the shower and wash and scrub and use bleach and it wasn't fun.

  After my shower, I was so drained, emotionally and my heart just ached for this poor girl. Who does this to an animal?! WHY?!?! They are living, breathing, creatures! That dog DID NOT have to die. When I was clean, all I did was hug on Milo and just kiss on him. Randall called me and told me he was in the garage, stripped down, and needed me to open all the doors for him. So, it was done all over again. When he got out of the shower, he told me that after they gave her the last of the medication, instead of her last bowel coming out, it was nothing but blood.

  Half of the table was nothing but blood, she was completely septic at that point. No poop, no pee, blood! She NEVER had her chance. He told me he had to leave because even he couldn't help but cry and weep over this baby. I thank God that he gave me such a huge heart for animals, but times like these, I am sullen. And yes, you can't save them all, but dammit, I will try. Of course, he told me how he had to leave and the doctor was going on about how we are such great people to even try to save her and to at least get her out of the hell she was in, even if it was for just a short time.

   And I understand all of this, I really do, but it still breaks my heart. I hate to think that the best time of this dogs life, was just laying on a table at the vet with a high fever, and completely bloody inside. Just so that she could have that one moment of love. For those of you who think that animals are disposable, and say things like, "They're just animals". I give you the big finger! How about someone treat you the way that you treat animals, and lets see how you turn out!

  And I hope that Coweta County cleans their place, because if they do not, DO NOT adopt an animal from there. It is sick and it will die. That poor little lady Precious, for every one like her, I hope that there are 10 more who survive and thrive. I am sorry for the sad post, but I had to get it out. Yesterday was such a sad day, here we thought that we were fostering this sick baby, and after she was treated for the parvo, she could come home and live her life. Just to find out that she didn't even make it off of the table.

 Just makes you wanna go home and love on your pups. Which I did. :)
Beautiful Precious-- this was taken before I found out that she wasn't going to live.


Yenta Mary said...

Oh, my heart is breaking just seeing that photo! But she was loved and fussed over and left knowing how very, very special she was, poor thing ....

Yenta Mary said...

Good morning! Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to be awarding Pulitzer Prizes; but I hope the award that IS being given happifies your day: http://foodfloozie.blogspot.com/2010/06/im-thrilled-to-announce-that-im.html ... :)


Kristin Morris said...

YOU madam are such an utter doll!!!! This COMPLETELY made my day! I was even shrieking about it to my hubby, who has no blog enthusiasm, but was genuinely excited for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I would write an award speech, but I am not so witty in typing. ;) THANK YOU AGAIN LOVE!!! You are the best! I hope your recognition gets my page some bloggy love!