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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kidney Stones, Kuppies, & Puppies

  I have been laid up in the bed for 3 days! And if you knew me, this is almost impossible, for me to do. (And yes, the above picture is spot on, teddy and all, hahaha) Since I was 16, I have been graced with Kidney Stones. I have cut out caffeine and that helped tremendously, but here lately, after my heart surgery I have been drinking a smidge more. NOW I am regretting it! :) If you have ever had kidney stones, you know how they feel, and when one is there. For the past couple of days I have felt this way, so in the bed I stay, kinda nice & kinda not.

   My kids don't think it is so great, and my son comes in there with this sullen and creepy tone and asks, "Mommy, do you have "THE FEVER"?" hahaha. My little ladybug is feeling better, but now momma bear, not so hot. Let me tell you, when I am sick, normally I will do what needs to be done and keep going. But when I feel like I have a stone, NO WAY NO HOW. I am in the bed, crying of course, popping some ibuprofen and pain pills, waiting for the pain to subside. So, this is how I have spent my last 3 days. For some reason, I have also had a fever and my throat is killing me, WOW. :) 

  On to something more cheerful. CUPCAKES!! I hope to be feeling better by tomorrow, ha ha, and if so I am going to make different cupcakes. Not for anything special, just to get some cute and different "Designs" down. Even if they are just plain and simple, I refuse to spend another day laid up in the bed, whining like a baby. On the other hand, I have a fantastic hubby who does a great job at taking care of me! My poor husband has to practically force meds down my throat to make me feel better, I am not a big pill taker. 

  Although, he goes to KFC to buy me mashed potatoes, Chick-fil-a for their yummy soup, & gets out the homemade ice cream out of the freezer to soften. LOVE HIM. So sweet but I feel kind of bad, this is on top of bathing the kids, and being in his truck for 15 hours today from work and picking up rescues. But he loves us and I truly do have a wonderful husband, God has blessed me for sure!
        Our newest baby Sophie! ---------------------->
  Tonight my husband brought home our newest addition, Sophie! She is a gorgeous 8 week old Great Dane, who we received through our rescue organization, Dames for Danes! Sophie is a Mantle Dane and has the sweetest face ever! He also brought home one of her brothers too, his name is Boston. He has a family adopting him from Florida, so we are fostering him until they can get up here to pick him up. I have always wanted a Great Dane, and now we have two! I would love a couple more, but for now, 2 is good.                                   

  Well, I just wanted to write a quick entry. There is nothing worse than knowing and wanting to blog, but can't, because I have been sick and because I was too lazy to replace the batteries in my wireless mouse! :) Hope everyone has a good weekend!!                                 Boston Sleeping-->

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Yenta Mary said...

Oh, feel better!!! The world is not the same if you can't work your magic and infuse the world with sweetness ....