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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stroll Down Memory Lane

This is me with my Nana. Miss her.

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share a brief, "Stroll Down Memory Lane", of myself. :) I have a twin sister, fraternal, named Cherie. Let me start by saying, we are NOTHING alike, I'm not kidding. She is single (not married), no kids (except her dog, Dakota), great job, lives in AR, is just beautiful, and gets everything she wants. Me, married, 2 kids (and dogs and cats), owns my own home, stays home with kiddos, not too shabby looking, and my hubby works for everything we have. Now don't get me wrong, I love her with everything I have, even if we do argue A LOT. And I mean A LOT. I am trying to start my own cupcakery, and she is doing her thing with cookies.

  Odd, I know, yet neither one knew these things in advance. CREEPY. When I was pregnant with my son and I was having pains and issues, she would call and her body was mimicking my pain, IN HER- IN AR- NOT PREGO. HA HA. That is twins for ya. We get along for the most part, but shes very NY and I'm very GA. :) Any who, growing up we were together always, thanks for the attachment issues! When I was 16, I got into a very bad car accident and had to be life flighted. I broke my back, had road rash up my legs, and could not stay conscience.

  At this time in our lives, my sister felt she needed to move out to live with my dad. Of course I had to hear this laid up in the hospital. So she moved out the day she left my hospital room and she moved in with my dad. This was the day that things were different, very different. I felt betrayed because I felt I needed her the most then, and because the attention wasn't on her, she decided to turn it to her. Hence her moving out. We were those twins who would nearly kill each other in a fight, not screaming, we would go at it physically.

  And bad, my mom would just step back and yell at us to not kill each other or break anything, it was ridiculous. But at the same point, we always watched out for one another, even if we were arguing. I do miss my sister and her true self, and now she is still sweet, but just different. We talk when she has time or when I am not busy with the kids, and sometimes she visits. She still calls when shes sad or upset, and I still call when I am mad, mostly at her. I have been trying to get her to move back to GA, but so far, no luck. My kids, especially my son, love her to death! 'B' always says, "Mommy can we please go to Mimi's house today in AR?" Wish we could buddy, sorry. To be honest, I am not completely sure that she has even seen my blog, EVER. Not trying to go on and on, so here are some adorable pictures of the two of us. Back when we loved being around one another!
I am the blond, she is the brunette!

Me and my sister with our granddaddy. Me- Left Cherie- Right
Me eating jelly yum.

Us in the tub. Me-Right/ Her-Left

Getting our bottles! Im still looking, where is mine?

How beautiful! Even my sister with her eyes closed!

Such a stinker! Look at me compared to my daughter! I am on the left, Ladybug is on the right.

Go ahead and giggle, you know you want to, but I was the cutest dinosaur!

My sweet little sister!! How precious!
Good Times!
Our birthday! Me- Right/ Rie-Left/ Dad-top
Little sister! :)
We used to have such fun!
We look up to no good. Her- Left /Me-Right
Us with our cousins on our family farm. Me- Far right/Cherie- Far left


Tammy said...

Okay, so your post said a lot. I too have a sister, not a twin and we fought a lot growing up. Not so much anymore. We are total opposites, she is single, no kids, and I am married with 2 kids, SAHM etc...total opposite of her. She is a size 0, I am a size 10...and I don't believe she has ever read my blog either! So many similarities!!

Thanks for linking up today with TFAG...I think I was suppose to meet you today! Have a great one and I am now your newest follower!

Jessica Warrick said...

i left you a award over on my blog so go check it out in a little while

Kathleen said...

What a great post! We all need to take a walk down memory lane every once in a while. Buzzing by to follow you with the blog hop. Please stop by and say hello if you get a chance.


little t and me said...

These photos are too cute! I am a new follower just buzzing on by for the Thursday blog hop.


Lynn said...

Twins are so cute! I have a sister who is 21 years younger than me. I was an only child for most of my life. So I really can say we have nothing in common...not yet at least! :)

Following you back from FMBT! :)

Have a great weekend!