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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays

All I can seem to hear, is a loud boisterous cricket! Really?! Do you not have a humble abode to go to, maybe the lake behind the neighbors house, or somewhere? Instead, you would rather sit here, where I cannot see you, and Chirp. Jeez, get a life. On another note, I was sound asleep in my cozy bed with my kids, all snuggled up after watching a movie, and RING RING!

Umm.... is that the phone? My 4 year old pops up, I got it, it's Daddy. Hehe, "Hello."
"Hey baby, I am at Lee road, be home in about 25 minutes"
(I was thinking "And.... you had to wake me up to tell me this?")
There is nothing more disturbing than being sound asleep, and being awoken by......Rubbish.
And for me to be asleep at 10:45 pm, that is a miracle, argh.

  Now I am wide awake at 1:36 am, and whining blogging to you guys. Oh and what joy! I have to be up in 5 hours to go pick up Boston, one of our great dane rescue pups, from the spay & neuter clinic. Ugh. I am going to bed. {Mumbling frick and frack under my breath} I guess it could be worse, I could be stuck in a truck, like a fat marshmallow. OH yes, Duane Scott {The Host}, thank you for the subtle reminder to gripe! I love it. :)


bermudabluez said...

I sure hope you can grab a nap later!!! You are a wonderful person for helping with Rescue....they are always in need...always!

Daphne said...

I hope you were able to go back to sleep! I'm following you from Buzz on by Thursday. Hope you have a good day!

TV's Take said...

Crickets - I'm not a fan. I live in a desert so they are everywhere. I am a fan of the 'safe' stuff my husband uses to get rid of them. Hope you get a better night sleep.