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Friday, July 30, 2010

$ Frazzled - Not Dazzled $

  My daughter will be the death of my sanity. I repeat, MY DAUGHTER WILL BE THE DEATH OF MY SANITY. Here lately Ladybug has been sooo great! So helpful, manners, learning to say prayer before dinner, clearing her plate, and what not. But today! WOW. Today was a completely different child. Woke up, things were fine, made a grocery list and headed out the door. My mom came along with us and when we got to Wal-Mart, my mom said she had to tinkle.

  Well, Ladybug heard her and needed to go to, and her brother as well. I started to walk towards produce when I hear Ladybug screaming bloody murder. Of course, I know she will be fine, she just wanted mommy. I started to duck and dodge her view of me, mean, but hey sometimes you gotta not be seen. Well some genius customer at a register near her was pointing me out to her, making it 10x worse. THANK YOU MR. At this point, she is getting louder and louder. I walk my not so happy little butt over there and when I walk up, there is an employee (in 60's) shushing my daughter!

  Wait a second, you mean to tell me that MY DAUGHTER, is the ONLY child to ever scream in Wal-mart?! Do you really want her to scream? Her brother does that to her and she gets LOUDER. ugh. Sometimes people need to MYOB. Well when I got to her she was still crying and on the floor, so I grabbed her arm to help her up, and she gets mad. And when she got mad, do you know what this angel did?!  It is 9:30 AM, so there isn't hardly anyone in the store BUT workers.

   They are looking at me like I am killing her and need to be detained! Any who, do you know what she did!? She pulls her feet up to her chest at the same time I am pulling her off the floor, and there she is...... Screaming, Crying, and Dangling by her arm in the middle of 8 different employees! WOW. We have just hit an all time low. She has never acted like that. So once I get her up in my arms, I carry her to the potty and proceed to talk to her very calmly. Even though, she is STILL screaming and it is echoing out to the store, I sit her down on the changing table and calmly tell her that big girls DO NOT act that way.

  If she wanted mommy to go with her, all she had to do was say so, there was NO need to do what she just did. "Yes Ma'am mommy".... All of that for nothing! She still went to the potty, with ME, and still when I came out I got the evil eye from all of them. I even had one lady watching me til I went out of her sight. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! She is 2 and a spoiled little butthead sometimes, don't look at me like I did something wrong. Oh, and to the woman who Shused my daughter: "SSSSSHHHHHHHHH.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Please tell me it only get better from here.

  Now back to the most boring and mundane task I like to call: Laundry. At least it isn't screaming at me. I really thought DFCS was going to show up and arrest me! UGH. Ok, I'm done, Promise.


rlooney said...

When my daughter was two I had her do that to me and my husband in a restaurant. We even had a guy come over to see if she was ok giving me and my husband an evil look. Know what you mean by MYOB. My daughter is 5 now and it does get better.

Pumpkin Tart said...

I hope you manage to hold on to some sanity!

I'm a new follower and am loving your posts, so cute!

Happy Weekend!

Pumpkin Tart

*Nikki* said...

oh i know exactly what you mean..my husband called me a redneck momma...because i picked my little girl up and dropped my purse so i went to catch that and ended up holding her by one arm...so i just hoisted her up on my hip and picked up my purse..my hair was a mess...she was still screaming...
people were looking at me like i needed to be institutionalized!!

and we aren't even two yet....we turn two the first week of august...
so you tell me...that it is going to get better!!!!

bermudabluez said...

Many, many years ago, my daughter did something similar. Remind yourself...it's just a phase.

Teresa @ ♥ TOO MANY HEARTBEATS ♥ said...

I think you did a great job and handled it much better than I probably would have!

I just can't stand nosy, hateful people! Especially those who have never had children before and are just dying to tell you what you should or should not being doing with your own child - OR - elderly folks who have forgotten what its like to have a toddler. *sigh*

Lately, I've been very sad because my baby girls aren't babies anymore. I have one grown and married with her own babies, one headed off to college in a couple of weeks and one about to turn 16 on Friday...and I just turned 41. :*( However, posts like this remind me how very glad I am that they are all now mostly self-sufficient. :0)

I hope you are enjoying a great week.

Teresa <><