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Monday, May 17, 2010

My oreo balls- YUM!

I finally finished the delish oreo balls that I had tried from my step-mom. They were so phenom with that huge indulgence of chocolate in chocolate created and of course enjoyed! I hate to think of how many calories there are in one of those little balls of heaven. You know this cannot be good for nay diet, especially MY diet!

These 2 main ones were made with toffee bits! yum.


Amanda said...

Great job! They are just beautiful! I am going to have to see if you post the recipe anywhere, I would love to try these!

Kristin Morris said...

Amanda, I actually didn't post the recipe anywhere. But the recipe is sooo easy its not even funny! And thanks for the fantastic icing recipe for cookies, I can't wait to try it tomorrow! :D Kristin Morris

1 Pkg. of Oreos
1 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese
Chocolate bark

Cream cheese needs to be room temp and the Oreos (cream and all) need to be crushed into little pieces, then just add the cream cheese and I use a hand mixer to mix. Then form into balls, freeze for 30 minutes, then dip into melted bark. YUM. Stored in fridge, but taste best at room temp.

And if you like, I added some dry espresso to some of the mixture and then added some heath toffee bits to the chocolate.