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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

$ BLLLAAAAAHHHHH................

OK. Quick snippet of a post. I have not been doing the 30 days of truth, and I will definitely catch up to it when I create an actual blog entry. I am sorry, for my followers, that I have been absent. My kids have been uber-busy with Soccer, Church, School, Swimming, and anything else. Me, I have been doing all of these things with/for them, on top of starting a new job, running the "Snack-It Cafe" at church every Wednesday night, currently Soccer Team mom, School Room Mom, also baking 500 cookies for this saturday, and anything else! :) Oh yes, And I am sick, and feel like utter CRAP. :) I promise to start posting as soon as this weekend is over with! I adore you all!

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*Nikki* said...

i don't do it everyday either...just when i feel like being truthful!