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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"This is the song that Doesn't end...."

Do you ever feel like your stuck in a bad re-run of Lambchop?
And you must endure the same song.


And over.


You all know what song I am talking about. I am NOT going to type it here, for fear that it too will invade your brain, and you will be stuck humming it for the next 3.5 days.


Today is one of those days.
Last night I made a delicious meal of crock pot chili, cornbread, fritos, and a homemade peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream to boot.

I was enjoying it!!!

And then, I got to enjoy it again, and pull a muscle at the same time.
Thank God for my friend Jennifer who can make a mean rice sock.

On top of being sick and woozey, my kids yelled for me to come into the sunroom. {Usually this kind of prompt command is one of two things: dog poop (new puppy), or cat poop (new puppy who likes to dig for buried treasure}

And then I heard it: "It's not dog poop!"
"Oh- Phew" I thought.


I walk in there to find, what looks like spaghetti, and then as soon as that thought crossed my mind.... I knew it.


Being the big tough mom that I am, I hollered for MY mom and had her pick it up. {You know, due to being sick, fear of having to clean up TWO messes}

And if your wodnering, no I do not live at home, my mum lives with me.
I am overjoyed. ;) Love you mom!

I ran through the house demanding washed hands, new socks, shoes, wash hands again! Then I was on the hunt for more of these disgusting pests. Found more, in my room, front doorway {It's ok-- it's clean-- you can come ova} and now I am running around like a freak with Lysol spray, bleach, a prepped carpet cleaner, vacuum cleaner, and whatever else. I have the heeby-jeebies!! EEEKKK ICCCKK... Needless to say I grabbed up Elle super quickly, and off to the vet we ran.

Now she is staying outside, or in the garage for the next 2 days. YUCK.
ICK. Eww.. I am sorry if any of you were eating, or trying to, or about to, or thinking about it for the next couple of days. HAHA.

All aboard the gross train! TOOT TOOT! <-- No pun intended.


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Ewww that is really one of the bad things about pets. Hope tomorrow is better and you don't have to get on the gross train.

sara said...

am i the only one who doesn't know what song?

Also that story...that just reassured me again that I have NO interest in having a pet!!!

K-MO said...

Now that I read back, I almost want to delete it. Yuck. Lol. Google "Lambchop-this is the song that doesn't end..... I warned ya.